API Endpoints for Twitter Facebook Graph Youtube and other social network Datas

Some official and unofficial Endpoints only intereting for App Developers. Some smal overview and reference if you want to build some kind of mashup. Discoverd by different user or from the public dev info of the related page. Probably not that clean formated as it should i use it as a fast reference when building something..

How to post & share Videos for facebook

To integrate Video in your post on the metaprime blogs you should follow following steps to get best engagement from social  friends. The blog and all sister blogs are optimized for media sharing and specially video for Facebook it will work for mobile and desktop viewer. Ok lets start

Click the film-thumb icon in the Editor..

Freischalten von Hangout on Air für Österreich Deutschland

Nachdem fast alle in G+ bereits Hangout on Air Zugang haben hier ein kleiner work around für ungeduldige. Mit eine kleine virtuelle Reise ins Nachbarland schalten wir vorübergehend Hangout On Air frei. 
Hier die kleine Einstiegshilfe in 3 Schritten
1. Instalier das Chrome Plugin Proxy Switchyhttps://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/caehdcpeofiiigpdhbabniblemipncjj
2. Google nach einem Free Proxy in einem Nachbarland mit Zugang zu..