How to get into Facebook Page Recommendations Box

Some interesting facebook feature for Fan Pages the Recommendation box shows up and are running for some time. How you get promoted by Facebook as Related Pages and show up to get get more likes organically for your Fanpage. It’s probably the best and fastest way to grow without spending huge amount for Facebook Advertising . You will get free perfectly targeted active Fans. The Page Suggestion is highly targeted to the new Liker and will probably result in an additional like for your fanpage. Below i will try to explain there is no myth behind Facebook algorithm  and how you can get into the Recommendation of a fast growing power Page.

How to Check your Page Relation

Keep in mind the Suggested Pages and relation are for every one different. But as you focus on a topic or niche the People will be nearly the same. Take an example Fans of the Cannes Film Festival will probably also interested on Sundance Film Festival, thats a trivial example but let’s step further by an example.

You can See what Recommendation will be shown by most new Fans on following link, just change the PageID for your Page . It must be the Numeric ID.

The example page is from the Austrian National Broadcaster ORF with many TV Shows and Programs. surprisingly not there TV Show Pages are shown instead Local Newspapers and other Austrian competitive TV Channels shows up. Not even the Anchorman legend Armin Wolf will show up as related to the ORF Why ? we will explore why .

ORF Fanpage Recomendaiton check

ORF Fanpage Recommendation


How To get Your Fanpage RECOMMENDED In the recommendation BOX ?

What looks very random keeps an intelligent algorithm in the background. No secret already many search engines like Google or even Pinterest use them too to find relations. First we have to explore the relation to our Page Brand and topic. Even FB use third party services to determine and sort their recommendation, it’s  based on Content from Freebase licensed CC-BY where the Facebook wiki pages build and link the different topics and relations together word by word. This is a great way to understand Relations without heavy armed SEO tools or APIs .

Taking a simple Interest Filmmaking as our target, shows up with 144k likes this, what means in facebook terms 144k People are talking about filmmaking on Facebook (all time) . We need this to find the wording to build relation with our Posts. To continue the case to build and find good relation we should post about Acting Robert de Niro  Al Pacino and writing .



How to Increse Social Dynamics WITH your Content

Some general rules to improve your Page Content , this is the key not only for search results also for relevance to new Fans. Probably every social media Workshop  told you that already but keep an open eye on this and optimize for all time . once done is the wrong attitude . It’s a dynamic Section and the most important part .

  1. Connected Friends & Admins
  2. Location & Language
  3. Pagename will rank high
  4. Page description
  5. Pagepost Content Text
  6. Interconnection of Facebook Fanpages

Please note even when pictures perform quite well they will not rank in term of relation .Thats why its important to add Text in your post “The more the better”.

One extra thought many people name their page like a company or brand,  add a vanity url’s ect. the problem you fanpage runs into a SEO competition with your regular Web Page, so think wisely what social media platforms you build a Company Name page. If your Brand name is somehow unique you will rank anyway, probably you want your Clients Fans at the end of the day on your webpage.

UPDATE : Since 2015 Facebook AI Researched heavily on AI technology, now they have several AI Algorithm running to identify similar video and images and faster better text classification fasttext learning, for example similar videos will keep the user activity height on the platform .


Social Relationship Management #SRM is the key to success not only for your fanpage also for your Webpage and FB offers a great platform to experiment and learn. They are many tools out there but let’s focus on the free one first. How you find the right connections for your pages to connect, and win fast new relevated fans?

The second part is bit more tricky and need some knowledge about your competitor and Analytics Data of other Fan pages. Don’t look for the Fan Page with the most Fans. Size is total irrelevant, look out for the fastest growing Fan Page in your niche and region, the one with most “talking about” is quite close. They are several webpages who rank fanpages by grow speed and offer some  Social Analytics Data insights.

We want to find the Fastest growing facebook pages to Jump in the recommendation Box.  Social Bakers offer nice details by country region and brand type that is a good starting point.

Fastest growing Facebook page

SuRFING Social Media Adds

Alternative the Social Media Add Surfing methode is fully white hat and quite sportive methods that extends the same prinzipe, you will like or don’t like adverts and sponsored post inside Facebook, but you can profit both the Advertiser and the related fanpage from the advert. Sharing fans don’t hurt it builds tighter connections between Fans and multiple Brands especially if the other Brand is from some different region great synergies can be found. Now look out for adverts that are related to your brand and started to advert with a  high budget.

Facebook says the idea is to “increase the relevance and quality” of the stories people see in their News Feeds.  –FB blog

Link your Fanpage Relation to the advertiser. Every related Fan who like the Sponsored promoted page will get yours Page offered to like  below in the recommendation box inside his own Timeline.

Important: It’s all about quality,  take care for a really nice Page Thumbnail for your page, invest some time to make the look gorgeous its the first impression you give to the people. Soft branding is king in social. Last but not least don’t forget to make your fanpage landing zone –  timeline as comfortable as possible. Prepare at least 7- 10 post with gorgeous content and no advert at all, You will see the new fans will drop in like apples from a tree.

Graph Search Related



Facebook #Hashtags RELEVANT  ?

What about the Facebook #Hashtags ? They are great for search but as far the test run i can’t see that they  play any role for recommended pages not now but who knows if accepted by facebook community they will flow more into the results. Since now mostly Social Media Marketing People use them. People will click on them and discover your content as relevant and will follow your page too. Some Special #Hashtag could help you even on old posts you can RE-tag old post from your page .Just the one with images you can change the description.  you don’t want retag your 5000 old image posts ? Also for that is a solution you can easy build some lines of graph code to Automate that process.  The Magic start here when you change the image description to something more meaningful and its already shared several hundert times all shared images will change there description to with your new added hashtag or link

Some kick off effects that will rank your fanpage high in Social Graph for all your targeted keywords and Fans related to your Brand. Because most other fan pages will be late or ignore the  there optimization option you will be light years ahead and your fan pages will grow no matter how often you post per week.  Now go and explore by yourself by liking some fan pages and watch out what pages get recommended how the page name, description and posts are formed. To repeat the process unlike and re like some page to learn about insights under the Face hood. Dont expect instant effect Facebook update there data in a cycles about once a week give some time and test again.

Dont forget that Social Media is something very dynamic nothing have to stay for ever -the timeline concept. Developer at FB are permanent optimizing the system the same you should do with your page. Same Same as you  would do for your webpage and some sweet  social SEO . Try it out you can only win.

This is a huge basket of work, fine tuning and it’s only one Zone if you are a brand with no time for that ask your Social Media Expert for some help and advice to do it for you and watch the organic result.

Long story short this are some Strategic paths and to grow Fanpages organically and it worked quite well the pages grow higher than the interest rate. Reach of the pages are enormous even if we don’t post for a long period . Who say Facebook is not working ?


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