Notes for a Blogpost

WordPress Snippets

Viele WordPress funktionen können einfach mit wenigen Zeilen hinzugefügt werden dazu muss nicht immer ein..

Minify Fix for WordPress Final

Main goals For maximum optimisation the minify goal was to speed up the WordPress blog..

Interactive Social Chart for WordPress with D3

Update What is possible with with D3 in wordpress ? For Fast Prototyping and Visualization..

Metatweet Guide

MetaTweet Guide Show your Best 300 Connection on Twitter  by active  Follower Listed Mention (Favorites) Start Connect..

Google+ Comments for WordPress

Google Plus just released Google+ Comments for Blogger now its time to integrate that into..

Twitter Bomb tweet viral into twitter trends

Obama twitter political campaign 2012 use it Justin Bieber use it so why not try it once..

JqGrid upgrade for Boolean search operator

Started to search for some beautiful Table visualisation that and endet up with PHPGrid that offers what i need..

LindedIn WordPress Plugin multi Company Insider for WordPress

These is a little code snippet for WordPress blogs who want to show LinkedIn  Company profile widget to be exact its..

Sublime Setup for Mamp open in browser

After a while got really in love with the Sublime text 2 , but one thing never..