Notes for a Blogpost

WordPress Snippets

Reading Time: 3 minutesViele WordPress funktionen können einfach mit wenigen Zeilen hinzugefügt werden dazu muss nicht immer ein..

Minify Fix for WordPress Final

Reading Time: 1 minute

MetaTweet Updates

Reading Time: 1 minuteUpdate Logs 26.05.2013    Simple Guide in Menu feed by Blog 15.04.2013  Tweetbox for Active Tweets HTML5..

Metatweet Guide

Reading Time: 1 minuteMetaTweet Guide Show your Best 300 Connection on Twitter  by active  Follower Listed Mention (Favorites) Start Connect with Twitter to..

Google+ Comments for WordPress

Reading Time: 2 minutesGoogle Plus just released Google+ Comments for Blogger now its time to integrate that into..

Twitter Bomb tweet viral into twitter trends

Reading Time: 3 minutesObama twitter political campaign 2012 use it Justin Bieber use it so why not try it once..

JqGrid upgrade for Boolean search operator

Reading Time: 2 minutesStarted to search for some beautiful Table visualisation that and endet up with PHPGrid that offers what i need..

LindedIn WordPress Plugin multi Company Insider for WordPress

Reading Time: 2 minutesThese is a little code snippet for WordPress blogs who want to show LinkedIn  Company profile widget to be exact its..

Sublime Setup for Mamp open in browser

Reading Time: 2 minutesAfter a while got really in love with the Sublime text 2 , but one thing never..