Metatweet Guide

MetaTweet Guide

Show your Best 300 Connection on Twitter  by active  Follower Listed Mention (Favorites)


Connect with Twitter to load your Profile                               => Load your Profile

Sort  new Follower table                                                          =>  Click Tablename

Hold shift to sort the table by 2 columns                                =>  Click Shift + Tablename

Explore & Visit new Follower Webpage                               =>  Click on Urls

Explore conversation quality  & Follow                                 =>  Click on Names in the Table

Explore Follower or competitor followship                           => Drag Profile Image

Interact & Store  your selected Tweeps  to Tweetbox         =>  drag&drop  Profile Image

Tweet when ever you like #FF  Recommendation              => Tweetbuton



Be patient first time load takes some time, all data is fresh from Twitter

more question ? ask @metagrids   or read more Tips on the Blog

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