Gadgets for your Making of and Social web tools

Visual Gadgets for social Cinematographer or Photographer ,a lot of funy and nice Backstage Making Of pictures worth to share. But the time …if not get lost somewhere on your drive.
There are a mess of Social platforms and even the hardcore non Internet user will end up at one ore more .Shortly i even meet our most famous Austrian filmmaker Stefan Ruzowitzky (Oskar for Foreignfilm 2008 )at facebook. He complain having only 2 girlfriends there after 10 minutes ;-).
But back to the some nice tools which make your live a bit easier and you loos less time .As Photos are on every Social platform a major part and uploading on various portals can be extreme time consuming.
My first and oldest tool
Picassa from Google
+ the plug ins for Facebook +picasa to flickr Upload +some great Flash Templates
Its not so well known as it should its 100% free and probably the fastest Photo Browser with some manipulation like cropping and color correction that i know .
Especially the Flicker upload button was the reason i use it as much i can to sort my good and bad Pix and the one i want to share .

If you get into the 10000 of Photos you could need a bit a hard cored tool like this one fully free to witch very nice converter tools integrated ,no need to open Photoshop for this kind of jobs .A very nice German development behind it .

You like movies more than Pictures ? This piece also as Facebook tool make form your Favorite pix in a minute a nice Film you can show ans share with your friends .Makes more sense than too browse thru 20 or more pix .This Online Service is only in the basic version free 2 minutes .But that’s more than i would need now one like longer online videos anyway .And there is even a facebook Apps to for it.And very important this tool designed by filmmakers and really rocks. So not only a little soft that make movies like 1000 others .

4.The simple Explorer Windows right click converter
How often you just need this Pix a bit smaler or in a other format like jpg Gif or PNG .
And you don’t want to open again a Foto Program .That’s the mini Program you would need .just right click and choose the format you like .

5. CoolIrsis
Some times bored looking like click click thru you pictures or when searching for some on the web .This neet Webplugin makes a 3D Wall out of any picture on you hard drive. And you Brows in the Matrix style over it .Hard to describe but i wounder its some thing like the IPhone Photo Browser just in 3D .And very stable wounder that even my oldest PC don’t lag or crash with the Apps.Even Video work with them a new 3D style Browsing i enjoy a lot .

6.My Skype Desktop Web-cam by Nyanyan
No no this is not any kind of desktop sharing software just a little tool that build a Web-cam view on your desktop .you easily share what ever you like to show form your Desktop over the Skype Video .And its sharp even in full mode view .
Need a look at the Editing of the Film for the Director or client nothing more easy than that even life .I posted longer time ago a other solution for that .This one is faster.
The Japan Developer have a Blog too if you speek japanise the link is a english one.

7.All good things are 7
OK this one is not free but my 2nd love my little Webcam Logitech 9000 Pro Web-camera is really sweet .Not that i need this HD high resolution or the live traking .But even the mic is so terrific good that i don’t have to use any headset anymore even with the other party on the loudspeaker .I think one day i can use it as a Set Web cam or just a nice Time Lapse of a Film-set or some really crazy experimental stuff .

Blog note .Computer can crash hard drive can fail .Hope some of the hints are use full .
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