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Some pre-test for a smal mp3 player for Facebook Dynamic content Playlists from a Jamendo  or via url parameter. Since early times the Facebook Music Player made trubles or dont work . They published the player with a Buy Now link to monterize music on Facebook but even with over 800.000 Fans on the App they never fixed it . Probably they had in mind something like Spotify already but after a short test period i still got disappointed as it only play external and only if you have there software installed thats why i take a closer look for some soundplayer.

Standard Flash Player inside Facebook could be a real candidate for Music Artist . To add the New Opengraph Timeline storys is also not a big chalange to feed Music Storys  into the newsfeeds.

The Playlist get in these case from jamendo Appi with playlist titels but could be any Music Portal that is up to date like LastFM or even Google Music . Probably it needs  a bit of redesign with a more fancy stylish look . Some more Photoshop work for a good UI Designer .Minimum Flash player version is 9 to play inside Facebook. keep in mind  interface and user experience design is more important than backend techy stuff.

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Some designe  with the FB Style in mind would give a more inside FB feeling .Backend XSPF list editor or auto Friends Playlist would enrich the player even more.

The new Timeline is more a 4:9 format than the embed size need to changed again for optimised embed size. Parameter swfhight  in the custom wp .

You can test the player with a LIKE or  sending it as  privat massage to some Friends.

Still very basic but it could give a nice Mp3 running player that bring back people who want to suport  smaler artist to and buy or donate some Facebook Money.

Spotify is still only in US available and not sure if as a musician without a big label you would show up in Spotify. As Usual FB Promote new Partner Companys quite well but for smal Brands and Artist they would need something more individual and more viral.

Many Band Apps rute back to some page or app these one dont need that it can link directly to a Itunes shop or any other Buy Music Platform . In these case i link back to the artist where the music comes form .

That MetaNOMAD concept suport some general rules get the audience where they stay, with as les clicks as posible the shortest way is still Users Wall

Some more detailed post will follow , these is just a short pre post if you have any suggestion feel free to leave it in the comments.

Some additional test with the google mp3 player plug from otto

ottos mp3 plug test

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