Facebook Photo browsing

Finally Fb make the live a bit easier ther is a undocumented feature for Photo browsing of friends Photo with keyboard short codes use the left and right arrows .No need to click next or previews links anymore and for some reason its loads faster too.

The Mac App PhotoBook is sweet application that gives the visual Facebook user a fast browser to look thew the hundret or even tousend of pictures of friends . As the clicking can take much too long to load every individual profile inside the browser. PhotoBook is a Free App ans have the look and feel like IPhoto.

It take some time to load all the Friends Foto but its definitely worth , because One Picture say much more than 1000 Status updates .

Watch them in full screen slide show and more . PhotoBook can be downloaded from the MAC Page .

Some Key features :

  • View photos of friends or albums on a single page.
  • Quickly view photos with tags and other information all in the same window.
  • Watch slideshows with amazing transitions.
  • Import photos or entire albums into iPhoto with one click.
  • Filter through photos or albums instantly with as-you-type search.

Here some additional Privacy hints .If you don’t allow 3 party apps to use your pictures these App will show nothing and even the Iphone wich is also a 3d party app will show your pictures to your friend . So make at least one Album visible . If you feel insecure about your Photos you should not upload them at all on any Internet platform . But having a pictures in a Save its the same like it would never bee shoot.

Photo Browsing was one of the first flavor i loved on these Social platform and motivate me to turn into the App Construction. It was the reason why CoolLens Facebook App get developed manyly in mind the high profile Photographer and cinematographer how dont whant to lose there copyrights with uploading there Pictures and Frames. Coollens is build on the many years loved Cooliris. I was surprised that they don’t offer these to there Fans.

But for Desktop Mac i think Photo Browsing will be my favorite for the next time . And best of all for Developers its now Open source and on the Google Code repository.

These is my first Blog post that should bring some Facebook Tools a bit close to the massif Facebook user .