Funny Facebook relation rules ano 1950

A very sweet movie about how to take care about your real live relation when you are on social networks . New tools need more care .These move describe on a humor way what you should not take to facebook . A real live relation can brake easily just in matter of clicks afterwords you don’t want to explain why you click that or now friends XY .
Don’t Let Facebook Ruin Your Relationship
But if you are singel anyway you can use these status for much more attraction too, some people change their relationship status 10 times a week like a blinking heart .

Mari : is Loading ████████████ 99%

Take care on your Friendship generator

Simple Facebook Etiquette
1.) don’t change your relation status without notice your partner
2.) Don’t post embarrassing photos of your friends
3.) Be descret and don’t spam the wall of your friends
4.) No steeling of your friends friends
5.) Never open hate groups or pages

Same rules like in your real life .