How to mesure Facebook Edgrank on your or any Fanpage

Visibility is one of the most important part for Facebook Pages

Her a very simple technik to mesure your EdgeRank on your Facebook Fanpage . You should not trust all  time blind what the Facebook Stats show you. In these example we take a closer look at a NGO Page Support The Monks’ Protest In Burma  run by with 464,187 people liked Fans its a very good looking Page . Added Twitter account , youtube Channel and so on.

Facebook Page for Burma

But how many people see finally the post ?  Watch there last post on Thursday great mention cross post with the U2 Page (other 8 mill Fans) and US campaign for Burma the topic is high engageable and interesting “Aung San Suu Kyi’s message to the U2 fans that gathered in Denver on the 21st”  .

So what is wrong with that post ?

Nearly nothing except that no one or at least no one have seen it . And the major topic is to rise Founds for Burma . Lets get it solved take a look at the original youtube ounce video we embed it here once more .

The Total views on the video is about 7000 (on the 29.Mai.2011)

Is not that much that you would except form a huge Page, would that the best performance ? Facebook Pages live from the Engaged Fans not on the Fan count even with 500k fans and a great Partner Page like U2 .

What we want to show is a Fanpage case where the Social stream and there  impact on the campaign is not performing that well, even if Facebook  support you and give you all the related Fans on your page it will not work, As long you get a organic Fangrow with active Fan members on the Page. In the best case the Fans actively promote your page what was possible some time ago. The Link for Fan invites is out of function for a quite long time now and many people compromise about it in groups.

The APP Page

Many Pages add a app to the Page with a competition or a some give aways. Avazz is one of them with a very successful App . Its not about building just a app it should have some viral capabilities that include the friends action too.

Compare to a other campaing for a NGO AVAAZ got 500.000 active users in one month . Take a look at the Facebook connect app from Avazz nearly 200k Fans Liked  the AVAAZ Page.