Edgerank or how Boost your Facebook Page Fan visiblity

How visible is you Fanpage to your community ?
Since Facebook Install some filters most content and specially Facebook Pages are hidden from the Fans that liked the pages.
Example: Mashable is one of the leading web Tech Fanpages with over 200k Fans Interaction on the Page dropped to 20-50 Comments Likes. Why ? Because its not visible to there Fans .

Conntent is King but some Content is Emperor

As you know some of your post get more and other less interaction on your wall. That does not mean that your Fanbase or Friends are less interested on the topic. FB give every peace of content a wight depends on the Interface you use to post and the type of content you post Status update , Photo , Video or link Post. The Highest rank is the Relation ship Status. tray to change it once, even if you don’t publish a connection to a person it will be visible to all of your Network.
Choose wisely your Publishing Tools many or even most pro Pages use Software or Apps to publish. Never or just seldom post with a App on your Fanpage. Tools like
Tweetdeck, SesSmic or Webbased Services like Humbold are incredible useful to Update Fanpages from one place at once. But the value and visibility drops to a minimum. These Behavour is a protection for Fans from to spamy Pages. If the Fan dont show Interest by Visiting or commenting on your page you will lose them for ever ,even if you have a million Fans on the Page.  Apps have the lowest priority and will reduce your Edgerank massive. When ever you have the chance update via Phone. A postet via Iphone is much richer in matter of edgerank  than a standard Browser Update.

How to tweak for better  visibility  of your Fanpage posts

The Edgerank Algorithm inside Facebook is based on the Open Graph witch works with Objects.
Every Like every word in your Profile or description is a Object for
FB. If you have more Object in common with your Friends or Fans the
Massage that you feed into Facebook is more relevant to the user and
will get Edgerank Point finally rank up on the wall of the User ->
your post will get visible instead of been hidden by 100 or thousand of
post of other Pages and friends. Beside of posting relevant and interesting posts you can work on your edgeranking

Build Object Relations
Add as much relevant Text and some keywords  to your Business  Page Description and Tabs. Add other relevant Pages as Favorite some that your fans probably also are Fans from. Your Edgerank will rise and your content will be more visible on Fans wall.

Add additional Tabs Pages
more than just a Welcome landing page, motivate the user to return to your Page even if he don’t comment your post will be visible again. If he only read your post on his wall its the same as he is not interested.

Target your post
Every Post should be placed on the right time. Due not post havy text content in the morning People read different content on different time.Read the Timezone rules  Targeting mean also publish by regions and language. Watch carefully where your fans are from and post location relevant post to the targeted Fans, you will get much more interaction if you mention a city or area .

To be only Fan of a page will not guarantee that your post will show up on the users wall.

Favorite your most relevant Bloggpost
If you Blog is fully Facebook conform. Every Like will produce a Fanpage that links direct to your Blog. Only you as Admin can view the Fanpage but the User will be redirected to your Blogpost.
Whant to check how Facebook read your Webpage of Blog take a look at Facebook Linter Developer Tool. Enter your url and wach caruflly to the result  it will show you how Facebook see you Page and  meta data. Special since the New Like Button its even more important as its auto share a picture or Media Content to the wall of the person who liked it.

Some additional hints:
Add Favorite Relevant Pages to your Fanpage if your Fans like similar pages too your Page will be more relevant and visible than others. Cross connect your Friends and Sister Pages both will get more visible to there Fanbase , that helps to stay longer in the Recent News.

Relevant is one of the F.A.Q Post What is the Facebook Algorithmus ? Its based on long termini Tests by different users. Feel Free to add your  Expirience with the Secrets algorithm of the Platfrom ?

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