New Facebook verification, identify friends in photos !

Facebook changed their verification protocol this recently . They now require photo tag identification to verify an account when logging in from a new IP address.
If you try to connect to my FB account FB will ask you for captcha and then to identify 7 friends on tagged photos !! If you failed and cannot connect to your account until one hour or so to retry the identify steps.
Some one else had these too …

For the one traveling a lot and login in often from other countries or IPs it could get a real problem as it nearly impossible to know all your friends and contacts from any perspective.
For the Page Admins that what to update there business pages abroad it could turn into a problem.

Not Everybody have experienced the new verification issue yet, but FB seems to be further making people identify others, to eliminate anonymity. They’ll argue is ‘for your protection’ or for the integrity of the network, Facebook is cleaning up their list of members, to make it optimally marketable to advertisers .

Identification is only one of several ways to authenticate accounts, but they seem to impose self identification and third party identification. This makes privacy impossible if done comprehensively.

They can you give you stupid photos like smiles or rainbows that someone has been tagged in as your friends pictures or their jewelry or of some scenic shot in a game they play, or any App picture that has tagged him from some other online game or a pretty flower .. etc. If you can’t recognize 5 of your 7 random friends on
facebook then chances are you aren’t a real person or youre not the account owner. Either way its a win win for facebook.

It can also happen if you change your ISP from cable to satellite for example .

Update : Since Facebook introduce Face recognition it get much eayer you will not get offered animals of objets to identify .

How To :

Ask a Friend or family member to log in to there Facebook account and Search for the suggested names with the friend finder and tray to identify the face from there . in very rare cases a tagged photo without a face will be offered about 6 names will be suggested to chose from.

The 100% waterproof method :

Every Facebook Image is stored and named in a organized way. Right click and copy the image url you will get something like the below url ( in these case profile pic)

The last part of the image filename contain the user ID bold marked ,now just build a new url 

Below one more example with one snapshot from Berlin uploaded to FB it contains the again my ID on facebook . You can call every facebook object with there ID .

Hope that helps and hopefully the privacy is not to strong and you can past facebook roadblock .




  1. I cant idientify photo tag..pls open my acount

  2. bro please help me to by pass this security message me on my 2nd acccount
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  7. I Like It

  8. and what if you make backup your account? is it possible to choose after this option if you fail? thx for ansewer.

  9. and what if you make backup your account? is it possible to choose after this option if you fail? thx for ansewer.

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