The High 5 for Social networks

Probably you get the same Facebook massage sometimes from contacts in your status update .
Some of your friends are private ones other are professional contact for future or just for sharing and inspiration.

The High 5 for Social networks
Here i want to give some little help to people who want to use Facebook and Social Networks for Professional contacts too.

1.Facebook is not a save Place
As FB take care about privacy what is good ,the bad side they will not allow you
to backup your friends or save emails of friends that definitly want that you know it .
FB Ban very fast even when you make nothing wrong and only respond and post to much on your friends status or engage to much in groups .Happen to very nice and kommunikativ Friends of me .

2.Share on more than one platform connects deeper and save your friends.
When you connect on more than one network to your Professional contacts you can share business contact details to and backup it to Outlook or your IPhone.The apps on FB for Professional Contacts are just more work with nearly no benefit.
A tool that can halp you to fill all this registration stuff

3.Engage be active only active contacts will be seen .
People with more than 100 contacts can miss you even when they are interested on your work or person .The biggest beginner error of some commercial FB accounts they only make marketing and promote Business .That’s for most user boring and its nothing more easy than to hide this ones .
If you don’t like a Theme (Iran ect) send a short Im and I can group you to a Non Status update for a time not to bother you.

4.Take your friends with you on IPhone or WMobile
There is a App that allow to connect the profile pix of your friends with outlook and Mobile
It compare your address book in outlook with your FB friends and add to the existing ones with the FB Pix .Very nice for visual people like me who like the Smiling Faces of my friends .
The best its not against FB TOSs.

5.How I honor your work and connection to me
I thought how i can give something real back to Friends and contact in the Social FB Networks.Here what it jump in my mind .
Every Friend in my Network receive 5% discount on all regular prices of my Film Services
every additional Network you connect additional 5% off the prise .Up to 4 networks you can connect to me Professionally .Link-Ed ,Xing ,Facebook ,Twitter or Plaxo on my blog are the Social Network links and more .

Hope this is somehow useful for you if you think i should add something just replay or if one of your friends could be interested in it just share or recommend a Friend.

Happy Networking and a grateful Day