Austria Cowboys ride wilder


YouTube video

About the myth that Austria don’t have Cowboys
There is a little Country some where in Europe between the mountains ,north of Italy south of Germany called Austria . Very hard to find, i know i had also my problems on a standard map. And you can believe it or not there are also some Cowboys living there as you can see in this very funny Song. Yes, and most of the time Austria is quite funny with all the people.Its not that bad, some media sometimes want to tell you.

The Great thing if you plan to come to Austria or you love it too you can learn some Austrian words , tray to sing it with the Karaoke Lyrics and post your Video replay to the Austria Facebook Group. They will love you .

I due this little post as i have to explain about 1001 times that I am not from Australia on my travel through Asia, hope this helps a bit.Also, where the name Metacowboy comes from
The NO Kangaroos joke don’t work on most world places , we have extreme creative cows.
And Mozart is not that popular anymore on the younger generation expect in Japan and china.
See you read you on in the mountains ALM or in the Metaverse Twitter verse.
Bay the way where the clown comes from i have no Idea ,you ?