How to totally destroy a Iphone Ipad in a minute

Will it Blend one of the most cost-effective viral campaigns seen on YouTube . Over 4,5 Million views just on these one video that sometimes it only counts a unic idea to get spread over the social media channels. Most company’s with their marketing departments take to much care about there brand than what it needs to get viral, sometimes it only needs something people can feel emotions about it hate it or love it .

YouTube video

He destroyed a iPhone in minutes on these video, and that even a iPad could fit in these mixers is surpassing when everybody loves to have on. You ever thought about destroying your product on YouTube as a promotion.
“Will it Blend” is the name of the YouTube channel and blog that get famous with that idea, every video get over 1 million views. watch more on his Blendtec channel
The last video shows how to destroy a iPad .