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These post is a remark how to get all the contacts you have synced in a proper way without any extra cost or service . The only part its  not that easy and not sure if it will stay for free for ever so the early bird pics the nice corn 🙂 . I write this as most as a smal path to remmber for the hours traying to sync and claer up all my contacts .Pleas read carefully to the end before you start .

1.) BAKUP ALL Contacts from Google contacts , Adressbook and Iphone separate on a save place
so if something goes wrong you can get back to previous status

2.) Sync Google Iphone Adressbook
Google to iPhone via ActiveSync = My Contacts
Google to Address Book via iSync = All Contacts

The mention was to get my contacts synced over multiple computer and Iphone everywhere with any device in this case Ipone was new in the chain and the change from Outlook to MAC Adressbook . The tools here noted are used ALL together to make the best mix as there is not one tool how due all the jobs .Just a little inspiration for the Developer .

What sources and Social networks i would like to hold in sync .The Idea give me the Tweetdeck witch manage all social platform with one interface like Twitter LinkedIN ,Facebook and Myspace. As Filmmaker needs fast access to a huge list of connects during there production it is a must to have your filmmaker and crew contacts up to-date and in your pocket all time .

Google Contact as a central Email and Contact Storage .Email used for many years now as they have the best spam and virus protektion as it wash and there is no need for me to run a virus or spam software on my Computer .Google will filter tht for me .

Iphone Contacts Sync with Exchange


For the one that dont have a exchange server in there compny and a Admin who setup all for them this is rocking nice as you can setup your Iphone with google to work as a Exchange server .

What that mean is you add a Contact or Calendar entry in Google Contact Calendar  on your desktop favourite Browser and it will be in your iphone in minutes .

How to start setup

Add a new Service in Prefernces in Iphone ,dont add Google mail Add Exchange fill in your account details and passwords and don’t forget to allow PUSH . Take care about your Data plan with your Provider ,if you are in a City Area mostly you even dont need one .As there are many free Acces points on every corner in Vienna at least .

For the one need a more details description take a look at Stephen Fosket Blogs

Email Pop or IMAP for Iphone

It depends how you use your phone but the email idea is that you use the IMAP service what means when you delet a Email or move it to a other folder like Jobs it will move on the Google Server to. If you acitenly delted onee mail you still can find it in the Trash Folder there for a time you specify one week one month .


Is a tool to Sync Apple  Adressbook with your Gmail Contacts .Yes i know the standard Isync will due that to but not with the profil photos .Even the standard version works quite good and you can backup sync many more devices with that application .It can take a while if you have many contacts.

Facebook Sync

As Facebook dont allow you to export data from there Platfrom they still going to open up more and more .The Facebook Conect was just one of the first steps to make the platform more open mindet to other web developer and websites .Thats probably why they allow the Application Google Contact Sync to compare your Contacts in google with the one on Facebook if it finds a match it will sync the Photo to your google account ,And later on when you setup the steps before correctly on your Iphone too . I just wonder why he have only 150 Fans with these great App (i tray  all other too)

Google Contact Sync 1.3.3 Windows only for syncing Facebook Profil Photos and Gmail Contact Photos Facebook App

Social Networks
You ever asked yourself where are my Facebook Friends ? As its a husle to click thrue all your Friends on Facebook there is a fast way to see them all in one page. Several Apps over syncing the Photo with your Adressbook and Iphone.
For a short Name Birthday list of your Friends
Go to Event on the left APPLICATIONS  ->EVENTS ->Birthdays open all the months there are all friends on one page with birthdays and age ,the named links contain there Facebook ID if you ever lost one or dont remember them by name .

Xing Backup and Google Sync

As many Friends of mien use thies network for Business purpose and have contacts there too .It not that easy to merge these contacts with the Mac they dont over a iporter for Mac at the moment .You can go the way to run over a Outlook Installation import the Synced Xing Contacts with the plugin Sync with Outlook with Gmail .What works but not with the pictures (how nasty)
Resinc your mac with SyncMat App to get all in your Mac Adress book .
Xing Plugin for Outlook more information from the Developer
Facebook Yahoo Email Backup
These is probably the best of all , just shortly discovered that yahoo mail (never used it before ) have a sync with Facebook Friends and the new privacy in Facebook allow 3d party application to to export your email  .When you sync Yahoo mail with Facebook Friends you backup too the friends email .Next step just sync with mac Adressbook and all your contacts are happy smiling with Face photo email and other details .That work of course only if the friends had a email and some details in there profile , so mostly biz friends .

The Doublets Problem

It could very fast happen that you get many doublets of contacts in your Adressbook and or Iphone too . The Adressbook from apple over a nice find doublets feature but not Google so it could be needed that you merge and sync several times to get all Contacts in Sync without the nasty doublets .

check the Facebook App for more inforamtion and link i can just highly recomend that as it adds all the missing profiel picutres from your contacts you have already .It can handle multiple tausend contacts and offer auto sugestion if the name of your friend is not written in the same way liek in Facebook.

Before you tray any of these tools don’t to forget to backup your Gmail Iphone and Adressbook contacts on a save place if something would go not as you like you can restore it easily

Additional Mac Sync Tools

Spanning Sync

Spanning Sync doesn’t support group-to-group contact syncing.
Whatever Address Book contacts you choose to sync, will all end up in
the ‘My Contacts’ list in Google.

Ther is also a tool from the Itunes Store called Friendsync that would due the job ,if you dont have to many contacts .Your MAC is much faster and needs some time ifyou have many tausend contacts over the year for some hunderd it should work

Googaby a  tool for Apple Mac user to push information to your google account its not a sync tool .It goes the way that your mac Adressbook holds much richer information than google Contacts . more Googaby FAQ

The MAC Adressbook Sync for Facebook
This new App allow Contact picture Sync from your Adressbook to Facebook Friends .
Facebook to Mac Adressbook Sync by Dan Auclair version 1.4

Iphone Sync Apps

Sync in a Blink
Sync Groups to the Ipone

Sync Problems
MERGE Contacts
Google and Adressbook offer the Merge dublet contacts .Thats fine but it could end in a disaster of multiple entrys in the Note field if you Merge multiple times .
At the moment i don’t know any Script that could fix this truncating a huge multiplied Note field information

Smart Sync Iphone App

Comercial app on the Itunes Store make nearly the same sync photos and contact details like phone numbers , but no email will override your friend phone pic if you setup one personally.

GOOGLE Export -> Adressbook Mac CSV Cards
Some how googel dont export the groups information the contact is relatet to .
Adressbook dont offer import in to a Group
So all the hard manual work of sorting your contacts will get lost

This Post is in preperation or will grow some Screenshots in time as i get al the details in words ,just like a movie would slowly grow :-).

More links to Iphone Gmail Contacts Sync
Google announce a Beta Iphone Sync

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