2011 How you still add StaticFBML Facebook app to your Fanpage

Finally Facebook dont support static FBML anymore. But there is a way to get your own Static FBML for  your Fanpage after the 30 march .These is usefull when you are not a Webadmin and just need to add fast some Extra Text Landingpage Images or a youtube video with some links to your promotion  and dont whant to hire a developer for that simple task or dont have a web app space for your Iframe stuff.

Just click one of  the link below and you will get a Static FBML App , now you can choose for what FanPage you whant to add it

At the end i add some general fbml code you can use to add your content into the Tab. Remember you can name your StaticFBML as you like in the Edit App section of your Page once it was added. Additional you can chose it as first landing Page for new Fans. If you have some Photoshop skills you paint a nice Graphic with a  arrows showing up to the get a Fan Button at the top. Take a look how the big brands like RED Bull Fanpage get some inspiration you can add as much you like. Its now all on your creativity






Hope it helpful for some Fanpage admins

How to Make a Facebook Landing Page in 5 minute

with Static FBML

Added these nice video tutorial from pro blogger to remember the workflow if you forgot it already 🙂 and yes it fully legal but no guaranty how long facebook keep it working. For more advanced designs of Facebook Tabs with Static FBML Application, you should know some HTML and CSS.

FBML code you can add to the Static FBML app mostly any html code can added inside a staticFBML App too .

ADD a Flash Game Mp3 Player or any flash based content

 <fb:swf swfbgcolor="ffffff"  swfsrc='https://www.mysite.com/flash.swf' width='520' height='350' /></fb:swf>

ADD a Image fBML

 <fb:photo pid="123" /><img src="https://www.mysite.com/image.jpg" /></fb:photo>