JqGrid upgrade for Boolean search operator

Metatweet User TableStarted to search for some beautiful Table visualisation that and endet up with PHPGrid that offers what i need PhpGrid based on JQGrid from Triland . Some nice php jqgrid development from China the older phpgrid3.0beta (2009-11-14 ) from a Chinese Developer.

Anyway after all some important function was missing for me the Boolean searches like bigger >= and smaller > equal >= to search the Twitter user base  on my Metatweet framework . Some deminify and jquery.jqgrid.js source code search and some coffees later found the missing link as the function is build in the original Jqgrid but not visible if you search. 


Also present in the Grid language files grid-locale-en.js

odata : ['equal', 'not equal', 'less', 'less or equal','greater','greater or equal', 'begins with','does not begin with','is in','is not in','ends with','does not end with','contains','does not contain'],
		groupOps: ,

Changed extended in jquery.jqgrid.min.js

the parameter for search add to stropts  “lt”, “le”, “gt”, “ge” 

numopts: ["eq", "ne", "lt", "le", "gt", "ge", "nu", "nn", "in", "ni"],
stropts: ["eq", "ne", "bw", "bn", "ew", "en", "cn", "nc", "nu", "nn", "in", "ni", "lt", "le", "gt", "ge"],

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 11.53.53

looks like the search operands for numbers and something for String text any way the change dont return any error for me even if you search in text fields for bigger or smaller than a number. Thanks to 4D  forum member who point me in the right direction now happy phpgrid user ,post is mostly a personal memo for future mods and changes. Most add here that for a real javascript Jquery starter quite happy to fix that for my need that fast 

 Some minor butterflies with images in the Table even the stats widgets render nicely .



Additional JS Plugins 

  memo: phpgrid use jqgrid version 3.4.1