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First preview under the hood of the Metaplayer Photo Facebook App building up on a base of Timeline cover photo profile design Nomade player will showcase  multi photo shows with music plus Google real time analytics for the  metric fans.

There a great flash video player and audio player on the net that work great inside Facebook but nothing for Photographers and the Creative Industry. The Facebook photo album works for privat uploads but not for a photographer or Filmmaker who want to promote there work and still owns his copyright and have control over his creative work. To distribute and share multiple photo shows  and visual work with sound inside Social platforms like Facebook .

But they want to showcase there work to his Fans in best quality without to be compromised by strikt TOS or minimal reaktion or week views .

So I end up with some extra work on a  Flash App  Metaplayer for photos  that could be shared and played inside Facebook on any User Wall, Fanpage or Group. Most important for Photographer is a full scale view of there Shoots and the possibility to show full frame with some sound track that fits the scene . Once shared there are 5 Albums on different topics available to choose in these version.

The first part was quite easy as it was very similar to our previews work on a custom video player but than it turned out that it have to bee super simple not only for the viewer also for the photographer. FTP upload size and Thumbnails dont interest people most of the time .

So a backend now make all the work . After Google made public the new real time analytics I was hot to test them out on the Metaplayer app. It would be a very interesting feature to see live interaction from the Facebook user around the photos . What Photos User look at how long wich gallery he clicked and does he look in full screen mode or not. Every picture fires a Event impuls that get tract by google analytics so we know what photo is in the front of the visitor eye right now.  The primary planed self hosted analytics app is still in place as it support a simple API  and its a comparison to google Analics real time data as its still in Beta.

Social Buttons: As the 450px 450 px wall size was very limited we chose that the share buttons should lift out of the picture if the viewer move his mouse away from the picture only in full screen mode the stuck on the right border.

How the Social Metaplayer work inside Facebook : as soon some one like one of the photos the full show get as Story on his wall so Friends now can watch  the Photoshow on the profile or Timeline of there friend commented with a Like or personal comment . Thats the usual process how Facebook work . The difference In these case a full multimedia show packed inside a Flash player jumps wall by wall with a copy and have a good chance to run viral. Vides and Videoplayer are also quite viral with the one major difference that they dont allow that much interaction from the user. Only Play and View. If the content is not superb he will go to the next content on his wall without further interaction. On the Metaplayer app he can forward to the next picture or choose another Gallery of the same Photographer without changing the website or reloading anything.

Right click infos : For the more interested user a right click menu adds additonal information and give credits to the Artist show, one additional  link to the Webpage plus it fire up the email client if they want to get in contact.

People Powered : To support even community based photo events like a City Photorun or Fotomarathon for example. Usability for the community with a  super easy drag and drop interface. As most People are not that familiar with FTP file size and Thumbnail generation, the background make all the work to auto generate thumbs and the XML file needed for the show. One specific  Android Photo App is already in the test phase.

Supported Media at the moment is video photo and audio and any mix of them . To Brand your work you can choose to  add a logo inside the frame without the need to watermark your photographs again. Just to remember less is more like on the previews post mentioned even a brand like Nokia (Browser Game) or Swarovski (Art Film)  use for there Social Media Internet  campaign only soft branding to reduce the AD feeling of there engaged user.

Road map : Next steps wil be to enable Flickr, Google Plus Picasa Photos as host for more community competition options , the Android App for Live update had run the first test today , Facebook connect integration is on the way, for sure Google plus will enable embed Rich Media soon on  there Business Pages.

As many use photos to showcase there work and produkt it could be nearly for every branche useful.  To win engaged  fans for Fanpages or even connect with clients inside the social network without leaving to a external Webpage.

Just click one of the galleries below to start the Player 

Get Adobe Flash player

Test it out in Facebook send it to on a Page Group or Friend

Full-page is disabled locally and the left Gallery we keep empty at the moment for community content. See how it plays inside on a Facebook Page wall METAPLAYER on the metaprime fanpage wall

See it in aktion inside Facebook take a look on the Austria Page

If you would like to run a test with your own photos or have a good idea, suggestion leave a comment here, more  information soon. To test the Demo with Photographs from Joe Haider a great Artist and Landscape Photographer from Austria just share or Send and Like.

Thank you for your patience on these long post and i will be thankful for any review