100 Top Social Media Experts


Eine persönliche Favoriten Liste ohne Wertung oder Punkte da die Twitter suche nicht immer ausreicht soll der Social Expert Guide für Einsteiger wie Power User eine hilfe bieten um Interessante Twitter und Google+ accounts rund um das Thema Social Media zu finden. Dabei gibt es keine Mystischen Algorithmen noch follower zahlen  die eine rolle spielen

sondern alleine die Interaktion Ihrer Komunities . Interessant für mich das auch Österreicher darunter sind auch wenn Twitternutzer in Deutschland weit aktiver sind.  Bisher war die liste als Privat markiert doch ich denke das Sie für einige hilfreich sein kann. Über die Hoverkarten Twitter api kann man den Twitter user direct folgen ohne viele clicks. Die Google Plus API bietet das noch nicht an aber auch das kommt noch. Vor allem wer sich für Social Media Marketing Interssiert wird wird mehr als 1000 Tips aus den Tweets Lesen. Twittern kann nicht nur zum Erfolg führen sondern auch spaß machen. Die Ergebnisse beruhen auf der Topsy Engine.

Auch in der Online Welt werden keine Berge über Nacht gebaut . Die Liste wird von Zeit zu zeit upgedatet . Hier ein kleiner Einblick in den Social Club

Top 100 Social Media Tweets

Web Design SEO Traffic Pro Online Marketing Genie, Social Media Enthusiast and Beach-Bum-Yoga-Chick at Heart:) I Want Twitter Friends vs Followers chicago 20K Mentions
Social Media Marketing tips, ideas and resources on how best to use Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, LinkedIn etc Manchester 6,671 Mentions
World’s best bloggers on Social Media and Web 2.0 New York 2,627 Mentions
Highly recommended by people who like things that don’t suck. We keep a high signal-to-noise ratio and stimulate gray matter in the minds of doers and thinkers. San Francisco, CA 1,747 Mentions
Websites and copy, proofing and promotion services. Subbing and production editors also available. Plus we follow all related news… Brighton and Hove, UK 9,785 Mentions
Author of ‘Writing White Papers,’ founder of SocialMediaExaminer.com & organizer of summits + writer and a dad. Also see Facebook.com/smexaminer San Diego 959 Mentions
CEO of Windmills Marketing, a Social Media Strategic Consultancy | Author, Windmill Networking: Maximizing LinkedIn | Social Media Speaker | #JobChatCoFounder Orange County, California, USA 2,802 Mentions
Social Media, Nonprofits, and Networks 844 Mentions
Life long entrepreneur, software developer & philanthropist who shares his knowledge with others to help them acheive the same level of success he has acheived California 8,362 Mentions
Customer service marketing/sales pro. Blogging about home fitness, the Beachbody lifestyle, Health & Fitness, cross-training, P90X, & social media. Seattle, WA 1,493 Mentions
Industry Analyst (aka Catalyst) at Altimeter Group. How I use Twitterhttps://bit.ly/LK0i Silicon Valley, CA 751 Mentions
SVP/Director of Insights for Edelman Digital, AdAge and Forbes columnist and avid sports fan. New York 559 Mentions
I blog about twitter and tweet about blogging. Sometimes I blog about tweeting about blogging and tweet about blogging about twitter. Melbourne, Australia 151 Mentions
CEO  Marketing. I tweet about online & content marketing topics flavored with SEO, PR & Social Media. Proud dad, blogger, foodie & travel nut. Minneapolis, MN 909 Mentions
Business Development & Events at Mashable (Sponsorships = events.com), TechKaraoke, Community & Social Strategist New York, NY 1,730 Mentions
Helping Businesses Make an Impact Online. Spreading news and information for Social Media Marketing United States 1,520 Mentions
NJ Social Media I Tech l Law l Trends l Gov20 l Marketing l TIME: man of action l  SM Adv l  Texas A&M Adjunct l New Jersey 414 Mentions
Communicator, designer, thinker, doer, dad, biker, karaoke junkie, and imperfect soul. SVP at Edelman Digital. Chicago 726 Mentions
We bring together people and organizations interested in social media to learn from each other and promote media literacy. Over 160 cities around the world! The World 1,329 Mentions
Built for marketers who need to stay ahead of social networking trends, SmartBrief on Social Media is a FREE daily e-mail newsletter.https://bit.ly/n2Q9b Washington, DC 1,057 Mentions
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Solis San Francisco, CA 498 Mentions
Jason Falls thinks a lot. And shares. Sometimes it’s useful even. Louisville, Ky. 941 Mentions
Self-Proclaimed Media Ho, Designer Guy and Twitter Addict. In his spare time, Stunt Doubles for the Hulk and a really Nice Guy! You can even ask Chris Brogan iPhone: 34.065172,-118.237965 1,559 Mentions


Social media for business in the UK Bournemouth 993 Mentions
Community manager . Master of Professional Communication.Social media Jedi. Music addict. Smack talker. Loves to fall in love. Big kid. Awesome dude. Toronto, Ontario 1,110 Mentions
Consultant formateur en projets numériques citoyens. Twitter consultant.Social Media & Digital Citizenship consultant, teaching. jeanluc.raymond.com Paris, France 1,026 Mentions
Managing Partner at Millennial Branding, personal branding expert, bestselling author of Me 2.0, blogger, speaker, magazine publisher & BusinessWeek columnist. Boston, MA 493 Mentions
Web Sociologist/strategist, Social Networker, Tech geek, tweet about DigitalMedia and Mobile Apps/Marketing. Tel Aviv 1,523 Mentions
Just a guy who loves Social Media and Tech and Business. Want to know what our company does: The 1st Rule of Fightclub: you don’t talk about Fightclub Denver 797 Mentions
Go Beyond Social Media Monitoring. Spiral16 offers you a web-based platform to listen, measure, and visualize your brand’s online presence. Overland Park, Kan. 899 Mentions
Hype-free social media strategist and tequila lover. I write a blog marketers seem to like. I live in the forest and review restaurants. Flagstaff, AZ 681 Mentions
Lawyer, dad to 5, husband to saint, Cubs-Packer fan. CEO & Publisher of LexBlog. iPhone: 47.630258,-122.390405 972 Mentions
Social Media Speaker & Trainer | Chic Geek & Facebook Passionista! | Author of  | Spiritual Truth-Seeker | Bubbly Scottish-Canadian ♡’s San Diego☼! San Diego, California 655 Mentions
Principal at SHIFT Communications, https://www.shiftcomm.com Boston and/or S.F. 499 Mentions
Social Networking Guru, Discussing Social Media & Marketing Strategies. Successful Online Marketer since 1994 willing to teach you his methods Baltimore, MD 977 Mentions
I twit about: Viral Videos, Viral Campaigns, Viral Marketing Tips and Articles,Social Media, SMM, Search Engine Marketing, and anything worth passing on. Washington, DC 3,633 Mentions
Online Communities Strategist, Goddess of the Social Media workshop, MMORPG player: World of Warcraft. laurel.com 0432 684992 iPhone: -33.875703,151.197377 479 Mentions
President, New Marketing Labs. More? https://bit.ly/cbbio . email: blog at chrisbrogan dot com Boston, MA 348 Mentions
Digital PR strategist, Events & Integrated Marketer, Films & Social MediaNutcase, Food Nazi, Ex-Restaurateur & Freelance Writer! Not your regular next door gal Singapore 1,160 Mentions
Chief Operations Officer of Mashable.com () – The Social MediaGuide – All around ‘good’ guy 😉 New York, NY 57 Mentions
Reflective, thinker, advocate, progressive, nonprofit employee, meeting/event planner, educator, change strategist, social media explorer Dallas/Fort Worth 904 Mentions
Online marketing and publishing advice, tweeted daily, from the editorial team at Copyblogger Media. Rocky Mountain Way 120 Mentions
Average Joe who loves social media more than his coffee (and i really love coffee), Competitive and positive, Work as a Social Media Consultant to pay the bills Malaysia 1,734 Mentions
Tweeting early and often about social media, and with a Southern accent. Email: mack.collier.com Founder of #blogchat Alabama 520 Mentions
Head of content, editor, social media, marketing, great food, good wine, writer at www.annhandley.com. Boston, Massachusetts 347 Mentions
Organization for web professionals. Silicon Valley 1,746 Mentions
Kommunikationsberater und Autor der Bücher Karrierefalle Internet und Corporate Blogs 53.563874,9.965439 361 Mentions
Association/nonprofit blogger on social media, building community, systems thinking. Change Agent at SocialFish. Washington DC 972 Mentions
Full time entrepreneur building a digital media company. San Francisco, CA 83 Mentions
I also tweet at  and . iPhone: 42.043259,-88.289780 177 Mentions
Husband, Father, Mentor, Go-Getter, Member of 3% MLM club. Coaching others how to achieve financial freedom in any network marketing company 718-490-1559 New York 1,268 Mentions
Speaker, Authorof three books: Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down + Closing Bigger + Guerrilla Social MediaMarketing Vancouver 530 Mentions
Community, jobs, courses, news, and resources from Mediabistro.com and beyond. Please note that jobs posted to this feed are paid. New York 113 Mentions
Social Media Club Founder, Living in Abundance Economy, Speaker, Community Organizer, Creative Media Technologist & Friend iPhone: 39.192810,-120.223037 333 Mentions
Medical doctor, founder of Webicina.com, health 2.0 consultant, blogger; Second Life resident, Wikipedia administrator doing PhD in genetics Debrecen, Hungary 388 Mentions
Entrepreneur, Artist, Pro-Photographer, Master Marketer, Motivational Speaker, Passionate Environmentalist, History Buff ~~ Become the Change You Wish to See. New England 321 Mentions
Social media and online marketer, consultant and speaker. Racine, Wisconsin 203 Mentions
web and graphic designer: SEO XHTML CSS PHP Joomla Templates, Magento Themes, WordPress Themes, Twitter Backgrounds – all your web design dreams in 1 place! Tallahassee, FL 1,124 Mentions
plugging into the social media revolution. everywhere! 114 Mentions
Sr. Analyst of Social Computing @ Forrester, tracking Communities, Twitter, Influence, & WOM/Social Media Marketing. Fan of jazz, Disney & FLWright; Pianist. San Mateo, CA 318 Mentions
Spying on the web to bring you the latest from SEO, SEM, PPC, SM, Marketing & More… Worldwide 342 Mentions
Founder/Chief Creative Officer, Fresh ID. Creator of Twitterface. Opinionated user/brand experience designer & customer advocate. Personal blog: kriscolvin.com Kansas City 602 Mentions
Business strategist, Marketing & Social Media integration specialist, and harbinger of growth for smart companies. ÜT: 34.751972,-82.326864 383 Mentions
Social Media Damage Control. Strategist, Geek, Marketer, Addicted to facebook and google reader. Lover of all things 2.0, can’t wait for 3.0! Dayton, OH 128 Mentions
SVP of Online PR / Managing Partner of BlueGlass Interactive, Inc. Tampa, Florida 71 Mentions
I make stuff, actually I make up stuff, stories mostly, collaborations of thoughts, dreams, and actions. Thats me. Los Angeles, California 20 Mentions
Founded Newswise in 1991; PRwise focuses on social media for PR professionals Charlottesville, VA 313 Mentions
A Northern Irish guy whos into Social Media, loves WordPress, and practising SEO. *Add me to your social media list* Marbella, Spain 64 Mentions