Google Social Search

Finally it get useful for the heavy social Networker ,with the new active Social search google gives you results what your friends are writing about your search topic. Invented in google labs end of 2009 it got now public .

Activatet Googl buzz with all your social networks like twitter Flick Facebook youtube friendsfeed will show at the end of your search the results that coming from your trusted friends .As most of the peopel you follow or subscribed are intersting for you the search result will be more relevant to you  more than the standard web result .Till now i use for fast and good search Twitter search but lets see how the Social search feature will work for the feature .For sure soon there will be some appis out that use that feature .

What that mean for Tweeter ,even when you don’t read every post or cant follow the heavy stream googl will pic the post of your friend when you search for the topic .

How goolge describe there new Service ”

“Google social search helps you find relevant public Web content from people in your social circle when you are signed in to your Google Account. If you are in someone’s social circle, your public content may appear in their social search results.

You can improve social search results for your friends and contacts by linking to content you have created such as blogs, photos and videos on your Google profile.”

Here a smal test search

Results from people in your social circle for social media – BETA – My social circle – My social content    gives me about 8400 search results only from my social circle. The Extended friends are the friends fo your friends

My social circle shows where the friend is coming from or how your are connected with him

My Social content shows your different social networks you connected with your google account

The more you feed the more you get . So a bigger social network feeds you with more relevant search results .As normal webresults are not all time that relevant to your big brand or clever SEO specialist can tweek the results of the standard search. As our experiment show How to get a Google TOP 1 Rank place in less than a month on some keyword that are high valuable for some branches tray it to find the Experiment  “Most Sexy TV Channel ” but these is a other story .

The LAB Goolge Social Search

There are many ways to use google for your needs ,how you save time with relevant Xing contacts on the next Google post .