MetaGrids or How to Build social Awareness

MetaGridsSince on Twitter and other Social Networks thinking how to make it less time consuming and concentrate more on the people and communication than on Platform. Many fabulous Tools and Apps build but most concentrate on ranking influence and follower grow.One key mostly get forgotten all these important parameter depends on region language and time. To get all your needed metrics you have to hope over many pages and apps and not one fulfill all my personal  wishes.  What force to build up some grid MetaGrids  the main focus is the person related to the Profile connected Web Page as hube. One more fact  as soon you get a huge and  interesting follower you lose overview “Who is Who” on your follower and friends on twitter .  

Its nothing new that follower or Fan count is  NOT the most important thing. For sure you have lists #hashtags Archives to organise your huge stream and Follower but still very limited search functions inside your personal community.


One Example : You Need a great Illustrator Graphic Designer or  Developer but can’t remember the real name either his Twitter nickname and he she is not a power tweeter. Even if you follow  there is nearly no way to find the follower  again inside the Social Djungel to get in contact.

Houston we have a Problem:   missing on most social tools apps, no place to make personal notes (ex. G+), too many clicks away to get to the information you need.  Filtered user and content from the Platform side. Too much focus on marketing stats and Data instead of the User profile. Missing simple Search based on my follower.

One more Ranking Tool ?

No definitely not its more some kind of User Awareness  Tool. Some  activity  features are build in but the focus is more on the Webpage connected with the Twitter account then the single Social Platform Account. Compare profiles fast for a given region language and search term take a fast in-deep snapshot and make some personal Notes. 

Metagrids preview features

Advanced Search options you can filter by regions language description follower Listed Favorites and much more by logic and multiple search criteria and/or Brands. Simple excel style Tabs.

  1.  Advanced Follower Search
  2. Detailed Profile comparison
  3. Social Vote  Brands / TV Shows / Blogs  
  4. Web Page preview
  5. Follow quality
  6. Klout Points :  #K
  7. Web Social Influence 

Instant Insights Comparison:

General overview of Likes G+ and ReTweets by User domain. What gonna tell us Likes Tweets and Google Plus ?  

Tweets : how much promotion get the Webpage ,

Google+ : How search Engine love is behind the page.

Likes : How much virality potential is behind the page.  SEO and Digital Marketing  

Favorites : How engaged is the user with his audience Listener or only Broadcaster

Lists : How many user add the tweep to special Interest lists

Lang : What language is used will he read understand your tweets

Zone : Timezone reach at right local time


Fast Web Page Preview

All Web Pages of your follower are accessible with one click pop up to give you a faster and deeper look who you really will follow. More Information of the Product or Service connected to the twitter account. Just Click on any URL in the Description Field. Facebook Page will be not shown only public Web Pages and Blogs. 

Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 12.35.37







Hidden Twitter Secrets Twitter Lists

Since Twitter hides the list membership counts, we think its one of the most important social factor to show how trustful and accepted some one is on Twitter. Something like a crowd based ranking. The Grid sort by default on list count. But you can choose personal what  is important to focus. Choose  region language  topics from description what is of  interested for you. 

Social Numbers 

Screen shot 2013-04-04 at 13.58.15The shown Tweets Like and Google+ are related to the web domain of the user they should give a view how the webpage gets promoted and accepted by visitors. It just reflect the main url no individual post .



How to perform Advanced Search

In the left corner at the button is a small magnifying glass. Advanced Search logic is in German at the moment but will be soon extended to Englisch and Spanisch.


Default sort-order

 Basic setup  sorting by Listings but you can sort for any metric or search query in any combination and /or smaller bigger include or exclude  however you like. At the moment its loads Search in German  language for operations but it will be soon extended to english .

 Some examples  : by language just enter the country code englisch -> en  german -> de

 Test it out Standard MetaGRIDS  


What’s Next  RoadMap ?

Some simpler Twitter follow actions by search pattern are already pre build and need to be integrated. Facebook Pages ,Tweet handler in the App. One main part will be more stats defined by your regional filtered People.  More user friendly UI and dashboard.

Some visual Stats and Charts over time.

Extension for the Facebook Grid, already build and run in test mode for public Fanpages only.

Custom Grids Cross Networks G+ Twitter ,Facebook.

Mobile IPad HTML5 Version.

Merging Social Network Profiles : If User Fanpage = Twitter Name

Adding LinkedIn auto discover profile if exist,  nice API

Integrating Thinkup and Tweetnest Editor/ Viewer  

  1. Extremly finderesting on what my friend Amir Esmann worked within the last month. Many thanks for coming out with your incredible holistic Twitterworkout!

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