Why Google is Facebooks best Friend

…you found a interesting one pleas post it in the comments. Need to contact the Facebook Page Admin ? Many Pages use Facebook to Twitter updates . copy the url…

Fanpage Einladung mit Facebook Share oder Send

…neue Teilen Button unterstütz nun auch Updates der eingenen Facebook Fanpages . Was es wesentlich wichtiger macht die eigene Webseite bzw Blog auch Facebook tauglich zu machen. Versenden von direkten…

Minify Fix for WordPress Final

…the minify/config.php. Check the Minif Developer resource on GITHUB and overwrite with the latest version of minify. The Wp-Minify Plugin includes a old version, they are many bugfixes and updates….

Pay for your Facebook Status Update

…conformed by FB. https://tcrn.ch/HighlightStatus Oginaly Discovered by https://www.stuff.co.nz/technology/digital-living/6904136/Facebook-running-pay-test-for-highlighted-posts Embedded Link TechCrunch | Facebook Highlight Status Updates Josh Constine is a technology journalist who specializes in deep analysis of social products….

Silent Facebook Profile Update

As you can imagine Facebook is not on winter sleep and updates are in continues process . One major update that start right now is the new Facebook Profile update….

Facebook organic reach Boost

…enorm hoch kaum ein Monat vergeht ohne Updates und Verbesserungen nicht alle werden angekündigt viele wieder verworfen nach einer kurzen regionalen Test Phase. Face als Statische Plattform zu sehen mit…

Social Producers are the New Storytellers

…Improve News Feed ranking keep the Edgerank in focus when you produce updates Open your Kitchen Cooking with social media and the right spices for your cultural region start with…

Share a Likes

…Profile one of the most asked question and fake apps run in facebook. There is no public stats. But they is no reason to visit a profile as all updates

How to keep your G+ Stream Interesting

…between 4000-5000 people because my stream updates about every 5-10 seconds. This turns my stream into a kind of channel I can watch like TV. Something catches my eye I…