Why Google is Facebooks best Friend

The cold wars of the gants or David against goliath who cares ? I love both and especially both as a couple. There would be no sense for Twitter or Facebook without Google and vice versa at least from the SEO viewpoint. Here i would like to showcase some  little G+ Search helper for Facebook

that helped me to find my first 200.000 Fanbase and probably something for the Face addicted Marketing People  too who like to collaborate and find synergies with community Managers on Social Media Platforms like Facebook. But keep in mind you should use your own algorithm to get more out then everybody who use third party tools.

Google search for Fanpages

In these case we want to use Google to find relevant Fanpages with a huge Fanbase.Google offer advanced Search words to fulfill nearly every task. In these example We searching for a Fanpage in Austria with Fans between 15.000 and 100.000  as google love fast pages we will search the mobile facebook on m.facebook.com to reduce false results with numbers from the Phone we use – Tel ( Telephone ) we only search on info pages inurl:info search term on english facebook language would be

“like this” .

site:m.facebook.com inurl:info 15000..100000  like this +austria -TelResult for that search 58 Fanpages with more than 15.000 Fans somehow related to austria as google sort relevance by location even without a country or city it will show sort results related to your location . For a smal country not bad . If you need some numbers for a Social Media talk it could be helpful to as a research tool . If you just need the global big player some App Stats or Fanpage Stats you can use the well known AllFacebook Page .

APP Stats     Fanpage Stats 

Thats it, very simple as Page data are al time public you can find good partnerpages . Feel free to change and extend your search query as you need if you found a interesting one pleas post it in the comments.

Need to contact the Facebook Page Admin ? 

Many Pages use Facebook to Twitter updates . copy the url of the Fanpage go to Bit.ly and make a short url . It will result in something like https://on.fb.me/vxT8m5   these .

Now you have the search term for Twitter use Tweetdeck or Twitter search to find the related Twitter account and contact the Admin privat or public with twitter. For sure you can tray to post on the Fanpage wall too but on big pages it get easily ignored or unseen.

Search with passion and not in hurry dont search too much as google dont like automated search or massive advanced search from one IP.

Hope this was somehow useful

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