Build you own Facebook Fanbox

Inspired by the #Followfriday on twitter in runs thrue my mind that iam not happy with the widgets i get from Facebook like the Fanbox who show your Fans. They are more than random,  related to the vistor but probably not to your produkt or Webpage. So started to code some new widget


The Widget  pulls picture and general public information from the Facebook Open Graph to show the Picture, link and some hovercard . At the moment more in the concept stage

What i want to show was a selection of the Popular Recommendation (Fans) who engage Recommend and comment on the Blog in the sidebar.  With the 20 most aktive and/ or Popular Facebook User on the Blog.

At the moment there are still some minor bug and it only works in Firefox on a single post but that should be fixed as sone i get some free time . If you are visiting that post with firefox you can hover with the mouse over the picture if the User have some public Data available works with Fanpages Pages, User ,Twitter Profiles and hopefully soon with Google plus accounts. the only part you have to enter in the widget is the ID of the user.

If you just happy with Facebooks Standard Fanbox here you can build one as simple as coffee boiling Like Box Genreator 

For inexperienced Blogger the simplest is the Iframe version if you are a coder you know how to get more out of the box and use the HTML5 or XFBML version.

If you find the idea useful or have a inspirational idea iam happy to read and discusse every suggestion.

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