Google Shortner ulr for Facebook

Google published there webpage for the Google shortener Most Twitter user know how to use and why to use url shortener to fit your url you want to promote into the 140 text linit of twitter . But why use a url shortener for Facebook ? There are  a couple of important reasons If you want to promote one of your websites or offers in Facebook and you overuse it , overpromote your url in Facebook they will go and block your url fully from the Facebook platform .What could make your domain nearly worthless for any Facebook activities . As there are no clear rules or limits what is allowed or what are the limits on Facebook . It make sense to use Url shortener for you own domain or any post that needs a url . Even if you post a Youtube link it could be interesting how many of your friends click actually the link . As there is no stats for a personal Facebook profile still now and not all your friends are active posters but could still be interested in your wall posts. Most url shortener are banned from Facebook as they often misused to link to malware or spam pages. Google provide one of the best spam and virus defender services known and proven in there gmail service. The user will trust a google url much more than a unknown service. I don’t think that Facebook will block a google service 🙂

Some sweet functions of the new google shortener

If you have a google account you get a detailed statistic how often your url get clicked where they come from region country Refferer Facebook or others Browser type some thing in the style of Google Analitics. –

  • QRcodeQRCode for your url in Asia already very popular in europe used from some airlines QR Code is a great way to share a url visually . QR Apps are free fro iphone and other Tuch mobiles and allow to place links and information into the real world. Just think about a nice designed QRCode T-Shirt for your next public Blogger meeting or some social event .
  • Even without a google Account you can use the service
  • You also know that when you click a shortened URL, you’re protected against malware, phishing and spam
  • The shortened links don’t expire

Some improvent they add to the service since it was published in the Lab last Dezember ,announced on there Social Blog

Stability: 100% uptime since  launch

Security:  automatic spam detection based on the same type of filtering technology like in Gmail.

Speed:  doubled speed in last  nine months Whats next goo.GL   Appi How about a WordPress plugin with for that service , some magic could happen if you use these urls with Facebook share you would exactly know where your post get spread . Shortly the main social software will include it like Tweetdeck and others . Some interesting Appis are already out for Firefox and Goolge chrome extension Google short Url Firefox Plugin Google Chrom Shareaholic Plugin google social Blog