Understand Facebook under the Hud

As Facebook change and moody a lot in very short time its some times hard to understand what is going on under the hud. One of the open mysteries are the Like Share Recommend and Comment social plugins that spread like wildfire since launched. ITs quite easy to integrate them and you don't have to be a Webmaster to manage that . To understand what is going on with a share or like starts to get interesting when you realise that many of your BLog or page visitor use the new feature to spread your post with there friends.

Lost in Facebook Share ..

Lost in Facebook Shares:

There are many Plugins around for WordPress to install Share in different forms as a counter , Opengraph versions mini or Big ones. At the end of the day your page is cultured like a billboard with these social share plugins.Mostly it happen to that the positioning of the Share Button end begin don't fit your WordPress template. Most Plugins use a shortener Url that promote (build back links to the) shortener URLs not to yours Domain. Best case is to use the XBML or Javascript version from the Facebook Badges page . How Facebook count your Social Plugins Every Like will produce a Facebook Page with you as Admin if you added the necessary METATAGS . The Facebook Plugins count very different ways even when you think its the same the counts are like following table. They offer you to choose between Recommend and Like for your Blog but both are different counted. If you start using a mix of plugins javascript and XFBML your user could get confused a bit. Any way we choose to show upfront in the Titel which Post get liked how often it motivates much more to share these post when you see you are not the first. Facebook make no difference if one or 10 user shared a post 10 times . Recommendation Counter = Like +Share + Comments Share Mini Counter = Same like Recommendation is a sum of all social activities.
Share WP Plugins = count every Share Share Facebook = count only how many User shared a URL The Truth only Opengraph will show you that these diagram which use google Graph Api visualise very nice .
Build you Like Button Here in the developers section you can build your own code for you individual like button. you can not only choose to have a Like or Recoment button it can be nearly every verb in the Text as button play with your imagination bee more creative brings more interaction. As standard FB overs only Like and Recommend what could turn boring if seen too often on webpages. Make a Facebook like button example of a other like button Facebook Lag your Page ? It could happen that your page get massive lagged from Facebook plugins specially if you include a lot of them. Some times when Facebook show performance issue or even been down it can stop or slow down your page massively . To prevent that you should load the plugins async that the other content can load till the Facebook plugs load at the end. Still we search for a solution to fully disable or switch to a other share system if Facebook plugins show problems.