Woud Buddha use Internet ?

Some Time ago Traveler and Backpacker just take with them there minimum stuff as they have to carry all of there belongings over month around.
On my second Travel to Indochina to Laos I recognize a massive change many of the Traveler carry there laptops and Notebooks with them , Internet is asseible even in the outreached wood hut .And even my friend not that computer connected like iam recognize its much nicer too sit on a nice caf? or beautiful view place when you update you travel pix or facebook than to such on a Lao keyboard and a crappie computer for your European symbols.
So by the way most travelers have there lonelyplanet with them and a new generation traveler take there notebooks with them like they take there photo cameras.
And this is probably one of the major benefit you have to watch your pix right on location in big size and make your own backups on DVD on your Burner that is readable at home too .Don?t forget to bring some raw DVD with you .
Even Wifi get on a exotic location like Laos quite common on some hotels for free on other for a small charge of 6000 Kip for one hour.
As the social networks grow so massively there is not one traveler without a facebook account where he inform his friends right away on his move.
It?s like sharing your best impression and much faster than postcards or boring email.
But even with your fast laptop don?t expect too much some times or often you have too share a slow deal up 56k Internet line with 6 other computers.
So just make offline as much you can and the minimum you need online.
But what surprise me most was how modern the traditional Buddhist monks are here in Asia Thailand and Laos too .The Jung monks use the internet cafes too like other Childs or even more because better educated and in Bangkok shopping moll I even see a full class of monks taking a class in how to setup a Bios settings .
Would Buddha or Jesus use Internet today?
Probably as the religious student show us yes, they know how too use the stuff much better than most European standard user some same knowledge like an IT Professional.
Most of us still live in the meaning that Asia is what we see in the media poor children ,underdeveloped and Sex Prostitution .But far away the countries like Laos doing extremely well and fast growing there tourism in a very professional way manly focused on Eco-Tourism this week a big Conferences started in Vientiane with about 5000 participants.
These still believe that we are the lucky rich one but some times Ithe prize range grows even here to Salzburg Tourist levels and you ever tray to Burgan in a communist country now way all places same prices. Some times you have luck but only sometimes.

  1. Interessant – interessant!!!
    Die EU-….glauben sie sind die Gr??ten und die Gescheitesten – nat?rlich auch besser als Amerika …. Aber ?ber Asien wissen sie sehr wenig und von dem Wenigen wird noch vieles
    ignoriert oder nicht geglaubt ….
    Hier wird die Jugend mit Konsum und Unterhaltung zugedr?hnt, statt mit Wissen und
    Kultur versorgt. Wo das wohl hinf?hren wird?
    Hoffe ihr k?nnt viel n?tzliches Wissen als Souvenir mitbringen! Good luck!

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