Google Plus Air Hangout in WordPress

As its hard to share or embed videos in goolge plus except youtube and vimeo Vidos these is a Test post how a Hangout Air Livestream would fit in a WordPress Blog  to share it with people outside the Goole Plus world. These Stream is from Fraser Cain the publisher of Universe Today, a popular website that gets more than..

Why Google is Facebooks best Friend


The cold wars of the gants or David against goliath who cares ? I love both and especially both as a couple. There would be no sense for Twitter or Facebook without Google and vice versa at least from the SEO viewpoint. Here i would like to showcase some  little G+ Search helper for Facebook

Mp3 Player for Facebook

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Some pre-test for a smal mp3 player for Facebook Dynamic content Playlists from a Jamendo  or via url parameter. Since early times the Facebook Music Player made trubles or dont work . They published the player with a Buy Now link to monterize music on Facebook but even with over 800.000 Fans on the App they never..

Die ersten Firmenseiten sind draussen – Google Pages Circled

Pages should be available for every one in a view hours Check out what new tools google offer for Business pages Analytics on a Page , API integrations and a lot more that link is already working

Nice presentation

hope your webpage is mobile ready happen to often in austria that you end up un non-mobile pagea google service to test your page how it looks on a mobile

Angry Birds geting wild on your Blog

Usually i don’t play games but that one keep me busy on many webpages a very creative Browser Game from Nokia Argentina they  lounged a Angry Bird Browser  game that run entirely in your Browser. On any website your like. My first time on Angry Bird but its a lot of fun to play it with your favorite..

G20 hinter den Kulissen

G20 hinter den Kulissen Reshared post from +Jaz Emminger Sarkozy me float in ze air! Google+: