Google Plus Air Hangout in WordPress

As its hard to share or embed videos in goolge plus except youtube and vimeo Vidos these is a Test post how a Hangout Air Livestream would fit in a WordPress Blog  to share it with people outside the Goole Plus world. These Stream is from Fraser Cain the publisher of Universe Today, a popular website that gets more than 3 million unique visitors a month.  Live Stream Ended 
Just realised that its not that perfect still CSS  bugs on Google Plus same like here . If you want to follow the person who shared the Hangout the pop up is covered by the video. Would be also interesting if   Hangouts support alternative players than the embedded one like a Flow or JW-Player. The embed code your get simple by right click take a look for the related iframe tags.

Plus CSS Hangout

Hangout technical stream details for future hangins original Hangout posted at  7:46 PM (edited)  –  Hangout-  Public  Embed is working simple like  embedding a Youtub video . Only the Share embed button is still missing .

One Problem realised in Air Hangouts if your dont know the Persons very well or even personally your can only gues who is speaking as most of the time the nice profile picture are not that recognizable like the real person in the video .

Still No Analeptics for Google Hangouts .

Anyway google plus a lot to pushe interesting people and content to there members started with Photography , Music and now science.


The Video is hosted on a youtube / Server a simple flv Video url point to the source
Hangout ID
expire parameter
Signature some kind of
wmode=opaque (that dont work in Chrome somehow )
and some tempor parameter

Link for the full screen Video feed :

Not gona write too much here as i dont know how long the Hangout will be live

So how you could get a Hangout on Air account on Goolge Plus ?

If you are from Europe there is no way at the moment the Hangout Air Google+ feature is not available in Europe . So the only way to reach a bigger Audience is you embed it into your website or Livestream it into Facebook

Hangout in your WordPress Blog 

There is a Interesting Wp Plugin for that still need some more love but with interesting features to invite up to 10 persons into a hangout on your Blog .Right now its not aktive  here but you can get it and take a your experiment. The sound quality is a bit problematic at least on my test and same problem reported by others on the forum. But no way it have some real potential with cross Social media integration like Twitter and FB .

OPNEN TOK Video Chat 

Probably a nice solution smal solution for a personal Webinar or simliar as you can choose as Admin how can join. Now add some twitter and FB power to it and it can get even for marketing people interesting features.

Put these Plugin into my DevCon basket for feature Re-review and update .