Angry Birds geting wild on your Blog

Usually i don’t play games but that one keep me busy on many webpages a very creative Browser Game from Nokia Argentina they  lounged a Angry Bird Browser  game that run entirely in your Browser. On any website your like. My first time on Angry Bird but its a lot of fun to play it with your favorite Webpage.




The game loads with a  Javascript Bookmaklet that you have to drag and drop into your bookmark bar.  Just tested it a bit on different Webpages with Chrome Safari and Firefox finally Facebook block any Javascript to be executed .They had huge problems with that.  But it will run on Google Plus Circle and Twitter webpage  and most other webpages . The Browser Game will Place some Bird tagets on the page. The Score meter on the button left shows your score . 2 bookmarklet and too version to play one  Angry Bird and Fruit Ninja . Both should promote the Nokia N8 the soft branding of the Game makes it even as a master peace how to brand without distracting the user with huge logos and Brand names and make it even sharable with friends.

How to Start the Game

1)Drag these 2 Icons into your bookmark bar





2) Click one of the new Bookmarks  to start the game

3) have fun

As first excise tray to shoot down that Blog , only visually no Animal and code will be harmed ,  there is a lot of targets my favorite  the Tags Box on the right side . You can cheat a little bit by resizing the window or get more stuf to shoot by scrolling down . Privat best score was 46000 here never had that much fun on a simple video game. Just one last hint shooting a video window is a black out .

Other great Webpages to shoot with birds go to your   Google Plus  Circles  or the Twitter follower page . If you found some nice pages to execise pleas leave a comment or post your score . Facebook dont allow to run that on there platform  officially but you can run it on your own webpage with one of there widgets like a fanbox for example.

Promotional Trailer

  Nokia Argentina  spanisch

Konzept Nokia Argentina :

For the Webmasters : to embed that game simply add  link icons with the javascript