Webmaster anti-malware Tools

These will be a growing Blogpost for Webmasters concentrate on Security tools and some advanced SEO tools . Hope it could be interesting for WordPress Blogger too.  Not that nice designed like most Social Media Tools but most Developer are not Designer and still know what the web needs and the security holes . They are several Webservices around but the good one you will not find when you need them , some are even not promoted as they are free . Other need a sign up or are payed services. Here i will only share free Webmasters security tools for beginners and Experts .

Link Checker Tools

Google and Seo havily dependts how your Webpage is linked not only how many backlinks you get also what kind quality. If the links are makred as bad you rank in the search engine will drop or even be hided . Bad links are known as some with malware but also Avialte pages and redirect to similar pages will turn your page as one with Bad Neighbors.


Bad Nighborhodis a tool to check your links all over the blog dont be afreid of the very simple designe the tool work like Toors Hammer even links that are hidden from you will be shown. some injected by obfuscated javascript for example . The Developer also offer a WP Plugin Login LockDown enhanced Login security that should prevent brute force login attracts on your WordPress Blog.

Developer : Michael VanDeMar


SOS WebScan one of my favorite malware scanner simple just enter your url they will show your bad boys .Helped to clean up some havy infected pages in minutes .Offer Cleaning service for non Webmasters for reasonable prises . Very detailed scan of your webpage what Googles WEbmaster tools dont show will be shown by Sucuri scan every javscript obfuscated code or link will be listed . To get the Buggs off your webpage . It will get you hours back what your would need for a manual search.Good developer behind the Service @soswebscan


Sucuri not that detailed like other scan service but fast and a first step  nice and simple for beginners Who dont want to much information overload.








Swains HTTP Viewer  Nice tool for more advanced Webmasters to take a look as an alternative guest client to the code returned from your webpage . Shows exactly what a http request will return. Referrer and more tools from Rexford Swain.





Wepaweb is a University research project no Desinge at all but strong search  ,scans javascript and even Flash based pages for Net comunication






Google Webmaster Tools  Last but not least the well known. Regulary check what is going on on your domain, these is probably the start point where your get the information if your page get balclisted. Mostly no information but you can use it to isolate the intruder files by taking a look where unethical trafic happens shortly befor your page get balclisted . Most of the time brute force attacts and havy file uploads will be seen when a page get turned into zombie mode. Kissmetrik publish a nice tutorial how user can work with Google webmaster tools for SEO

 Webmaster Software

Xenu Link reviewXENU   Fast Windows Software that run threw all your links on your webpage external and internal  show the missing or broken links Xenu is a work by German Developer Tilman . Excellent simple and fast software







ClamXav Anitvirus Software that is also usefull to discover web malware just make a recent copy of your webfiles and scan it with ClamXav its a great Anti malware software for Apple Mac and free over the Apple store






Decoder and Coder

Advanced research Tools for the one interested what is the hidden code about sometimes even Template and plugin designer use it. Found some crazy code on your page and dont know what its mean. Some coder hide stuff by obfuscating and decoding there code these tools should help to revers engineer the code . Most of the time they hide the bad things in that past of the code.

Example of a Obfuscated Javascript : “\x3C\x49\x46\x52\x41\x4D\x45\x20\x46\x52\x41\”

Base64 Online Decode : Base64 Decoder 

Javascript unpacker / decoder : Jsunpack Decoder

File Permission Look Down

If a produktion site is runing you can try these to look down any upload or modification on your page. Most common settings you could get away with 400 permissions. And see if your site still works some might not. Otherwise you’d probably need 404 or 444 – in which case you may as well just use the standard 644. Experimental but interesting.