USB WebCam on Android

(&Handsfree Social Media Sharing Apps)

Some Interesting Research Project from a Japan Developer to connect a external USB Webcam to a Android in these case a custom Galaxy Nexus.

Why is these are so interesting ?
As soon you can connect a USB Webcam to your Android its a smal step to connect a DSLR to your Android and have full Internet Upload / Stream capability. Most DSLR get recognised as Webcam to . Lets imagine having a nice Lens for your Hangout outdoor event or Report from some Street Event.

 how to it works video by @footen810


Some Android Apps support already nice autoshare funktions mostly interesting for picture and media sharing when you dont have many hands free. For myself i use these Apps to feed my Facebook Flash Image player. Both works better than in the video 😉

One of my Favorite Android App to Upload Photos
automates the proces of sharing . Just imagine you are on a marathon or somewhere and need some handsfree sharing.
Suports Upload to Server via FTP , Email , HTTP post, Dropbox
video AutoShare App Review – XDA TV!

Download on Google Play

Andmade Share
Alternative multishare app share with all your Apps at once
Share to Multiple Applications at a time: use checkboxes
video Andmade Share on the Samsung Galaxy S II

Download Google Play


Some modification dev switches turned on


and one root directory made writeable File permission 666
/ dev/video0

other patches / sources

more Japanese Dev Site


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