New Google Plus Business Page Cover Photo Size

Google+ just updated its design. We’re on the hunt for a new cover photo Pixels  some changed  Cover Photo options for you so now you can choose if you want to upload 4 images or one big cover banner . Probably most people dont want that there picture get recutet by the platform spezialy not if you use  Company banner or logo for Business pages that  should show up in full size. Same with Photographer who want there original framing .


Google Plus Page Cover size is defined for 940 px X 180 px  but the Profile picture will cover a part and the Plus Banner will cut many pixels from the left and right side of your Banner. Beside that a part will be hidden behind your profile image. To compose a optimum banner you will need to work with a mask Image that show the cropped and  hidden areas on the side. Here marked as black and green  behind the Profile Photo. Probably the concept is for a responsive designe for the Mobile Google Plus Page visitor.


 Google Plus Profile Photo size is 260px X 260px full format most important it should be Square Format the visible size is 260pixel if you upload a bigger size and the format is still Square you will not lose any pixel.

 The Smal Profile Images are same like the Profile Square Format 150 x 150 is just fine in the theme they show in the Div as 112 but that dosent matter as long your format is a real Square Picture no cutting or Squeezing will happen. Just keep in mind that Google will show the Gallery previews Zoomed .


To make it simple you can Download the Photoshop file with the maskes to optimize your Google Plus Cover Photo.  

Google Cover Photo Themplate Mask .





Google Plus Shared Webpage Thumbnail 

Max size 150 x 150 if the size is bigger the Image get croped. The old Design allow to show wide format thumbnails like a banner . What was a nice extension instead of a smal thumbnail . But that is fixed now and not posible anymore. Thumbs Link directly to the post same as the Text link it could make sense to have a Play Interaktion on the thumb similar to youtube if you have embed video on your Webpage.

The Full Banner Thumbnail Weblink post  looks much better than the smal 150px.



If you like you can still use that wide Format for special post even with Interesting anim gifs like that post from Wittegen Press Shows . Anim Gifs are fast done and will engage your Community more than simple Images. .

Google Plus Image Upload

You can upload any size you want just keep in mind Google will not show it bigger on the wall   497 x 497 px just for Photographer and Artist who dont want to upload there work in full resolution. 


Something missing any special G+ Photo Image Format you have found Intersting ?

Now Get your Cover Photos in place 

Some nice Austrian Cover Photo Ideas with animted Gifs from Red Bull


Check out some great Tipps for Photographer on G+

On Google Air  +Brian Rose, +Vincent Mo and Chris Chabot did a panel at the+Google+ Photographer’s Conference where they shared some photo stories, favorite tips and tricks for Google+ photos


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  2. Good article on Cover Page; Thank you!

  3. Good article on Cover Page; Thank you!

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