Flickr RSS with Lightbox

FRAMESGAULTIER079testing the  light box this is the test of akWpLightbox plugin for wordpress some how it dont work so easy like it should as it have a litle conflickt with the  Photo Plugin that add additional Css to the picture what disturbe the call of the lightbox script .

Changed the FlickrRss plugin to work with lighbox ,much nicer than going away from the blog a simple change in one line to link direct to the image instead to the flickr page works .

You have to edit in the FlickrRss the

$url = $item['link'];

To this one

$url = str_replace("_m.jpg", ".jpg", $imgUrlMatches[1]);

My version works with the akWpLightbox and easy just to remmebr the change when a plugin update comes allong and you update  you have to Edit the line again .

Still some smal Css displacemnt in the Box will fix it as sone i get a bit of time

At the moment the Flickr Stream on the button of this blog shows random Pictures from Vienna ,what is nice from my point of view as i see what are the newest picture from vienna and what poepel are interstetd to Photograph and see in  good old Wien