Witch Plugins will slow down your WordPress Blog

Getting too freaky about all the Word press Plugins as a New Word Press user can really kill your blog .As i moved from B2evolution Blog to WordPress there are hundred tausend of nice plugins .
After a short look under the hud i realize that many of them slow down the blog too a speed like 1985 Internet.
My first thought was the Internet host have some problems ,but than i look deeper and take a short moment to think about what is going on on each of this usefully plugins .

Witch Plugins will slow down your WP-Blog
Mostly every plugin that call a external Service Webpage or SQL server will slow your blog down , as its call a service an wait for a response before it can show the content what the plug produce.

JavaScript used too extensive is like loading extra weight on your back when going up to the mountain .As i love to play with scripts around and discover a lot of interesting development what going on mostly i want to test them . Finally the blog is the first sheep 🙂
So tray to minimize JavaScript as you can ,even Search Robots don’t like it as if the page takes too long for loading the Search robot will go away and don’t index your Blog fully .
Plugins like Light box and versions slow down too as reported on other Blogs .

Stats Tools
Can mostly reported as slow or very slow if coming from a external server , how knows where is the server lokatetd how fast are the ping times .Often external calls are blocked from hosts too.
That was the first Plugins i detractive . Normally a Google Analytics account would be more than good.

ADDS and Add Service
As a experiment many Blogs show adds ,but as long you don’t have millions of visitors its mostly not worth to place them on a Blog. I prefer to have a user friendly blog than some nasty adds for Websites i don’t like.

Tray to keep it slim and sportive even if you like all the widgets and Plugins that you can get for wordpress .Last but not least
with all the external Widgets you will lose and share google Page rank too from your Blog.

Any Additional Experience is highly welcome .