Pinterest price tagging with WordPress

Recently got back into Pinterest and interested how to Pin on Pinterest Media and Price Tags like the partner feature in Pinterest other than just pinning images. Since end of 2011 Pinterest supports beside Youtube Vimeo but there is a lot more. Since there is no big information for Developer i take a look at the Source of the Pin  javascriptPinmarklet how we can optimise the Pin button for a WordPress Blog.

Following Platfroms and media are specially supportet as  pintarest Partners. What that mean that Pinterest read these webpages different than others and add additional information like media to embed and price Tags like etsy web shop.

Vimeo                Video player

Youtube             Video Player

netflix                 Video Player

facebook           Images

Flickr                 Images

StumbleUpon    Images

fivehunderdpx   Images

tumblr               Images

kickstarter         Flash videoplayer

etsy                   Shop place to buy and sell all things handmade Price Tags embed

googleImages   Images

googlereader     Images

Slideshare         Image Flash Player

Soundclaoud      MP3 Flash player

 But first lets take a closer look at the price tagging feature since Pinterest is the only platfrom that allow adding price bandarolle over a image by simple adding a price in the description field. We want to set prices inside our WordPress Blog without disturbing the structure. Probably is quite simple to add these features into your  Wordpress shop. 


Pinterest conform E- Shop

Lets take a deeper look at a webpage for handmade stuff. No rich content like video But the stuff have a price value “pPrice” what is allowed on Pinterest but most user have to add the price tag by hand. Making it Pin able from the webpage is a great idea. 

How the Etsy  get pinned 

Lets rethink your Blog funktions to somethig more pinable with price tags so  visitor can pin and share your products Ideas. 

Where is the Problem ? The standard Pin button takes the Titel of the post as text into the Pin. Probably you dont want to place $1 into your titel. The user still can remove the price tag . 

How Etsy as Pinterest Partner solve that ? with custom metatags  that get parsed by the Pin Bookmaklet. These is unik and is not supported on any other Webpage or Partner Platfrom . But very powerfull as you could add more value to your pins and give more reason to visit your page.For additional information or to buy some of  your E-Book Digital Art Sound Bytes or any other Service product your would like to offer. Even crowdfunding should work. Keep in mind it works only if the visitor use your customised Pin button and not the Pinterest Bookmaklet. Place it visible near the Image, not at the end like most social share and like buttons.

Some Tech notes below for Developer 

Pinmarklet reads out following tags 

tagName: "meta",
property: "property",
content: "content",
"og:title": "pTitle",
"og:type": "pId",
"og:url": "pUrl",
"og:image": "pImg",
"etsymarketplace:price_value": "pPrice",
"etsymarketplace:currency_symbol": "pCurrencySymbol"

How to place price Pins with a WordPress Blog

Lets add a custom Field to the post with the name price we wil add that into the description text of our Pin button later on . Add following code snippet where ever you want to show your Pin Pinterest button. Dont forget to add the $ signe infront of your Price to render inside Pinterest. Just copy and past into your theme singel.php

<a href="<?php the_permalink() ?>&media=<?php echo wp_get_attachment_thumb_url( get_post_thumbnail_id( $post->ID ) ); ?>&description=<?php the_title();  get_post_meta($post->ID, 'price', true); ?>&is_video=true" class="pin-it-button" count-layout="horizontal"><img border="0" src="//" title="Pin It" /></a>


A lot of theory lets test it if it really works, will post a random post to my social menu board with 1$ as a virtual price. If it dont work instant clear your cache plugins. How looks our Pin right now ? With just one Pin button click.

 Now the limit is just your phantasy what for digital produkts you want to sell . Not a Pinterest expert but take a look at the pro Pinterest boards what and how they sell. You even can build a Pinterest Gate for good content.


Play your Embed Video in the Pinterest App

To play embed video in Pinterest its much simpler it only need the source url of the player .

The needet data get read out from the header metatags as usual. 

Some questions :

How we could pin other media content like your videos or rich media content on pinterest playable

Could we pin with a custom Pinmaklet or button more rich content on pinterest ?

Pin bookmaklet have following basic structure.

In case of youtube it have the embed url

or vimeo  + ID

(hope wordpress will not embed that urls )

 Pinmarklet part

youtube: {
att: "src",
match: [/^http:\/\/www\.youtube\.com\/embed\/(+)/]
vimeo: {
att: "src",
match: [/^http?s:\/\/\/(\d+)/, /^http:\/\/player\.vimeo\.com\/video\/(\d+)/]

Now we want to get a bit further we want to embed your custom video Player the same way vimeo, youtube play Kickstarter or Sound Cloud  inside Pinterest. No make that posible we need to customise the Pinmarklet javascript or same like before customise the PIn button what looks much easier. Soon more on these channel.