Xing custom share practice Endpoints

Some times ago ther was a Social Network Xing many contacts and Friends join at that time.

Xing Share with a new CSS to hide unused Page part like header Footer ect pop up with Facebox for a nice share feeling.

Lets find a nice code to share with Xing the Same way as we used to with Facebook share. Find some more advanced Xing share buttons

The basic Xing share use a Javascript that build the Url that is needed to reach the share point on Xing. It works on a open standard OExchange . what means you can share Flash swf and images like screen shots with the share point. Depends if Xing has anything in there themplate that would show it. Additional Tags can be added.

XING Share Link structure build by the javascript , all special symbols like spaces are changed to hex values.

The url use a as stats (could be easily exchange with your own url from your wordpress blog or CMS.;;;



Share with additional parameter Screenshot{URI}&amp;title={title for the content}&amp;description={short description of the content}&amp;ctype=<code>image</code>&amp;<strong><code>imageurl</code></strong>={image URI}&amp;height={ height}&amp;width={ width}&amp;screenshot={screenshot URI}

Share with additional parameter with Flash{URI}&title={title for the content}&description={short description of the content}&ctype=flash&swfurl={SWF URI}&height={preferred SWF height}&width={preferred swf width}&screenshot={screenshot URI}



What we don’t like its only forward your visitor to there page and a additional click is needed.
Best case share is without or minimum disturbance and to stay on the Page you are.

The Standard Xing Share Link



What if the share link would pop up instead of loading a new page ?



Share with Xing


Xing Authorizsation use Oauth same like FB.

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