What is a Facebook deal ?

How to make a Facebook deal  ?

Facebook expands its geolocation service Facebook Places with a reward system that allows visitors (physical) to a local called Facebook Deal
No doubt the success that will have this service, if you join now 200 million people use Facebook Places on there  mobile.
Facebook allows you to create 4 types of incentives:

– Individual: The individual user who can claim the discount / premium directly.

– Loyalty: Allows users to reward those who visit our store a minimum number of times.

– Friends / Groups: To access the offer, the user has to tag a minimum number of local friends to visit.


– Charity / Donations: indicates that the user’s visit will be a donation to a particular case


Some Facebook Partners with Deals

24 Hour Fitness: Donating $1  support children’s health for everyone who checks in to its fitness clubs.


Alamo Drafthouse Cinema: Nice one the Cinema with the most check ins get a free screening and some extra presents for the one claimed the deal.


American Eagle Outfitters: Offes 20% off.


Chipotle: Facebook guests get 2 tickets for one


Gap: Blue jeans to the first 10,000 clients


Golden State Warriors: Inviting those who check in to an exclusive event with a basketball player on the NBA team from Oakland, Calif.


Harrah’s: , H&M: Offering 20% off ,JCPenney: Giving $10 off any $50 purchase. , Lululemon: gift of yoga, Macy’s: Offering 20% off, McDonald’s: Giving $1 per customer Charities. North Face: Donating $1 to the National Park Foundation, The Palms: Upgrading your room REI: Donating $1 to a charity


San Francisco 49ers:


Starbucks: Donating $1 per guest to Conservation International.


TAO and LAVO: Adding you and a friend to an upcoming guest list at one of the nightclubs for checking in.


Texas Tech: Giving away 100 pairs of tickets.


University of California at Berkeley: Letting football fans who check in form the human tunnel through which the players run.


University of Nebraska: Inviting attendees to a meet-and-greet with a Husker living legend.