How to monitor Facebook Pages with a RSS Reader

Monitore your Facebook fanpage with RSS Reader Howto. You can easily setup one WordPress blog to syndicate Fanpage post and Notification to generate a searchable own social Media Tool to Monitor in long term how your Fanpage perform who are the Best Fans and most engaged Fans on your page and many things more.  Most user have over the time several hundred Facebook Pages that they like and would stay informed on various topics. As Facebook rule out with the wall filters most Pages you like will not show up anymore if you don’t visit them regularly. As Social Media Experts and also Journalist some times have to stay informed but don’t have the time to visit all that pages or don’t what to Like several competitor pages. There is a work around i  mostly use to get in short time a fast overview on many  Facebook Pages. Some benefit you get if you use a RSS Facebook reader . Its free anyway and need only a one time work on it 🙂 These technique also works for Public User Profile Pages.

The classic RSS reader way tu Monitor competitor Fanpages or to just find fast viral topics .

  • The offered RSS Link from Facebook is not working for Pages .
  • You don’t want to waste time by entering several hundred RSS urls into your Reader.
  • You need to read the posting of some Friends, without the Facebook Interface .
  • Offline reading of Facebook Pages
  • IPhone reading of Facebook Pages while you in a Airplane (Offline)
  • Sorting your Pages into Category ,Social media / Austrian / Funny Content Pages ect


The RSS feed for Facebook Pages is quite hidden and undocumented but still there even without any public link.

The Facebook Page RSS Feed is available in two formats Atom and RSS feed format. With the page ID we build the Feed Url. The Atom RSS Feeds dont need any additional permission and are readable by any software or person and even can be impored and shown on your WordPress Blog . The second Notification RSS is only visible for you as it have a acceskey in the url. Below an example ,replace the xxxx with your Fanpage ID

Where to find your Facebook Fanpage ID ? 

If you have already a vanity url for your fanpage something like it gets a bit tricky in our case it looks like

First click on your Fanpage Profile image ,take a look at the url at the end it will somehting like these ,the large number is build with the ID of your page just copy the last part from the last dot .



Make a short test /104191126277986  will redirect to the Metaprime Fanpage. Same procedure you can make for any object in facebook . Object is the Facebook term for link 



Opml Generator : Simple Generator you have only to put in the links


Some great  Rss Reader

NetNewsWire free for Mac , Ipad and Iphone Syncs with Google Reader.

Google Reader: You need a google account to use thes highly recommended as its sync with many Desktop Rss Reader

Facebook RSS for Page Admins shows User Posts

To get the Rss link for you own Facebook Page, switch to “Use Facebook as Page” go to notification there you find the RSS Link for your Page you get instant update . On any Page post by your Fans. If you manage more than one Company pages it makes sense to stay upto date what is going on your page. Just a sugestion you can even import the RSS feed into a local WordPress to monitor one one single page all your Fan-page activity.

Facebook Rss for User format:

When you go to your Notification menu and expand to show all Notivicatiosn on top is a RSS 2.0 links that allow you to import your Feed goole reader or even share it with some one. shortlinks can be found her

Friends Links

Friends Notification :

Friends Notes :

Friends Status : mode the Rss url exchange the url part friends_notes.php with / friends_status.php /.…..key….

see the video



! For Security and Privacy don’t publish your key=XXXXXXXXXXX in the URL if you share them anybody can read your & Friends post !

For the more Pages to import your Fanpage Subscriptions.

A other way that works fast is use the public OPML Generator ,Drag and drop the links from your Profile into the generator field.

Now bring the Links into the right format like shown on top in the gray box .

Search and replace you Page ID links    with ID


These will only work if the page hase no Vanity url .

Some Options to use the RSS feed

To autoupdate a Twitter Steream that is related to the Facebook page

Monitor multiple Facebook Pages without the need to Like them

Build custom mashups