Viral Videos Cats love it angry fly hate the IPad

How you make a IPad App go viral Smule’s Magic Piano application make it to number 3 on the paid iPad App charts First of all he cutt the price down of the application by more than 50%, and produce this sweet cat video which run featured on viral YouTube video. At the start his iPad App cost about $2.99. Now it costs $0.99.
“We’re not sure. Our sense is the price change had a material impact and doubled downloads.”
More important than the price cut is the video of a cat playing with an iPad. That push it to go viral, Jeff says.
The cat goes crazy playing with Smule App . The video has over 7 million views now wouldn’t you take that app after these really non commercial video. Most Big companies still need to get the feeling how social audience like to get there adverts. The independent developer scene with there Apps just showcase how it could work without any Big Name  Agencies. Some times these quote is more than true .

Small Is Beautiful

Watch these 3 videos and for shure you will find an idea how to make your own product video fancy and simple that it could get viral ported by your social network friends .

Everyday morning New a funny commercial what you cant due with a ipad.
Commercial for a Newspaper App News day

jennifer aniston “viral” and her Internet boys with Ipads

How to get more views funny thoughts how to get viral . 100.000 more views with some smart hints.

Cats love IPads too


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