Timezone Twitter Rules : Who and how I follow on Twitter

I love to tweet but some times it can be real time sucker too to stay organized . Here are some of my rules how i follow what time i tweet or rewet you and a praktical timezone overview so your tweets reach most of your followers.
Many of my follower are from the US  and Austrians or Germans for that reason i will tweet in 2 languages English and German separated by timezones. To prevent a overload i never read DMs if you want to forward something privat pleas remind me @ to take a look at your DM.The Blog is mostly english but thinking about to blog some parts in german too as my background is not related to one language.

Timezone tweets
or my twitter time traveller timezone is GMT+1 for Vienna if i am not on travel. In English i will tweet most Social media facebook and geek hint stuff some times only politics if its related to my journalistic experience or topic.
My GMT morning 6.00-9.00 GMT am tweet are in English that’s 21.00 L.A. west coast time , afternoon GMT  10-22.00 tweets will be in German and more general tweets Austria related. Best time to tweet me would be following times as tweetcloock recomend

Best Time to Get Your Tweets Re tweeted 4.00 pm EST (  12.00  GMT London , 1.00 am  PST ) on Friday          13.00 Vienna Time
Best single time to get read lunche  time 12.00 pm EST ( 5.00 pm GMT London, 9.00 am PST) after work        18.00 Vienna Time

The timezone tweets hits not only my timeliness mostly you will hit 3 regions Europe, East and West Coast US for Asia its a other story. There are several Tweet maps that show your follower Geo location and activity take a look to be active when they are same as on facebook only the most new tweets get read everything past will be not read .

Who i follow on Twitter

  • Your Profile shows that you are interested in Social Media Film, FB Development , Austria or you are a Filmmaker
  • you get followed by people i trust and respect
  • A recommendation by #FF
  • I know you in Real Live or we are connected on Facebook to.
  • You shared something interesting or run a blog that interest me
  • As iam very visual your Profile picture just turns into my sympathy

Who i will unfollow soon

  • Just marketing and Adverts for your products or services
  • You are a Bot dont like porn bots at all
  • You don’t respond to any tweet.
  • You don’t follow back
  • You don’t use you tweet account for 3 month

Who i think twice before hitting the follow or unfollow button

  • your avatar is a business logo
  • you have some spamy words in your profile like MLM Free Money Sexy Guru internet marketing ect
  • If the follower numbers look disproportional follower/following
  • you send me links in your auto -DM or in a tweet to some obscure  service or product
  • you have no profile picture added to your account
  • No profile information at all

My Hashtags Rules

As twitter is also for me a incredible research tool i will hashtag some of your tweets with a personal hashtags to make it easy to re find them again on google or twitter as a personal reference links and bookmark to revisit the tweets, following hashtags will be used and ther meaning. The word META is a Cambodian word and means something like loving kindness in Khmer.

#Metacode some remarkable code snippet or solution

#MetaApp Facebook / Twitter App that needs a review

#MetaWow impresiv link must revisit

#Metatweet best Tweet of the week

#metaworld Virtual worlds

#metaaustria Best in Austria or Vienna

#Metafilm online movie or youtube link

#Metalist Twitter Follower list i will join later or a Follower i need to list

#Metahouse Home for virtual Friends

will be extendet …

General Hashtags are fine for live search but if you need to search archived older tweets i would recommend you to get some personal easy to remember hashtag combination too. Meta was chosen as metacowboy and (metaprime )are used  since many years.

On the fly i “clean up” every week on these rules to make live a bit easier in the twittervers. I try on regular base to add you to one or more of my twitter lists. Feel free to add me on other networks like Xing ,Linked or Facebook too or subscribe by email on google feedburner links are on top left of the blog .

Additional resource that could be of interest is the FAQ Section on Facebook Answerd Questions as Fb is changing very fast and ther is a lake in documentation or many hidden features i install the Faq question on these blog also for myself a reference i fast switch back for some tools or knowledge i need for the every days  fb live or testing and developing some apps.

  1. Very nice introduction – just one little broken link: http://www.tweetclock.com has changed to tweetoclock.com/ I suppose.
    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

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