how to expand the 5000 Circle limit on Google Plus

5000+ google plus followA little hack how to expand the 5000 Circle limit on Google Plus as +Kim Sherrell and +Robert Scoble already complain there are much more interesting people on Google+ to follow then just 5000 .

Some times you like to focus on a special topic or region for a project for example if you prepare a Film project in Brasil or you are on travel for a promotion tour and would like to connect with locals on G+. After Business Pages started you can reach the circle limit even faster.

5 simple steps How To :

1.) Make only Cycles with less the 500 people in it, as G+ limit shared Circles

2.) Make one privat Circle that one will be our depot here we will “Store” our Circles. Name them that you remember the special function of that circle for example “Circle Storage”

3) Share the Circle you would like to Archive with the new Circle Storage Circle exclusive . If you want to keep them Privat. 

4) Remove the original Circle

5) To reactivate  the archived Circle back  just filter your timeline by Circle Storage and add the one you need back. 

Now you are free to follow back more People and still can pick up your archived circles whenever you need them. 

Goole store all your Shared Circle in the Timeline even if you remove them and the original Circle dont exist anymore.  Its just stored in the timeline you will not recive any update by the user you uncircled but you have them available on your hand when you need them.  Hope these is a bit more clear now its very simple and have 2 plus points your Circles dont get lost and better organized.  Start first  with your own test before removing any circle.

… just a Random Nomad

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