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Thats why i love to circle Russian even if i cant read one line. Art and Photography dont need any words different photo culture show me a other world
and ar most inspiring. Telling Storys fascinate and keeps in mind much longer than just a beautiful photo.

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The photographs in this picture gallery may look like they been Photoshopped or assembled with dead insects, but the ants in these images are very much alive. Russian photographer Andrey Pavlov spends hours setting up fairytale scenes. He studied ants, and saw that they all follow a very specific path when they’re working. So he put his props on their trail, and photographed the insects interacting with his miniature 'stage sets'.


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Mr Pavlov shot the images at an anthill just metres from his home in Moscow, Russia.

The snapper explained: 'For the last seven years I have always had my camera with me, but it was only when I had children and started reading them fairytales that I realised it was something I never did as a child.

That's when I decided to make up for it and start creating some fairytales of my own.

I used to work in theatre which was a big help when it came to making props, and I chose ants because I respect them and their way of life.

They care about their children and look after the elderly. They have lived for millions of years.

I take my inspiration from humans but luckily for me ants are quite inquisitive, which seems to make them very willing participants.


I just found his profile on! You can contact Andrey and buy his photos on

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In album The fantasy world of ants: photographs by Andrey Pavlov (12 photos)

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