New Thumbnail API for youtube, nice tweeks thanks +Ronnie Bincer

New Thumbnail hack for youtube, nice tweeks thanks +Ronnie Bincer
Learned something new VSEO = Video Seo 😉

Reshared post from +Ronnie Bincer

Is all lost for the YouTube Thumbnail Trick? Well, maybe not!
We continue to test new tweaks, 1 is looking promising!

One subscriber to our Channel has reported that it is working for him… good news. Keep in touch.

However, until I can repeat the test and get consistent results, I'd say "It just doesn't work exactly like it used to… but we are close to something that 'may' work moving forward."

This takes more patience than I expected, as the Thumbnail Creation process has certainly changed recently and is taking MUCH LONGER to process the thumbnail images.

Check the description text in the video below, or watch until you get to the section where we put in an Annotation re. how it is working right now… that will continue to be updated as we learn more. Onward!

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