90dB Twitter Noise Reduction

Most Twitter user know as soon your Twitter grow it can get very loud and you cant keep it connected with many tausend following.

Some little settings can help you to even hear the smal and quieter follower
The Tweetdeck Settings allow you to filter on different rulles like keywords or accounts and source.

As Twitter is sometimes over used as marketing instrument and not every buddy like to get 24h automated tweets like that here my personal filter rulles. Based on following thoughts Twitter is a real time Service if i read or interact on a tweet i want to be shure the User is online too and can respond and interact with him.
So most services that schedule buffer or automate tweets get blocked .

Filterd Sources:
managefilter, instagram, socialoomph, foursquare, buffer, hootsuite, twitterfeed, friendfeed, facebook, pinterest, autotweet

Now Tweets from sources like Iphone Android or standard Twitter web interface that need more work to use will get more attention. Automated Tweet forwarding from Facebook Pinterest ect get blocked on the Tweetdeck Air Client.
If sometimes you want to read all tweets without changing the settings you still can use Tweetdeck for chrome ore any other client you like.

Dont knwo if that is confortable for everyone It made my stream clean and reduce noise by 90dB at least 🙂

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