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First  Beta version of the Metaplayer for Google Plus , the intension was to build a Photo player that shows the Google Plus photo stream inside Facebook .The Idea behind that MetaPlayer App was to expand photo content over multi Social Networks made it easy to share over Corssnetworks without the need for multi upload on every platform. With the editable playlist from any free Jamendo Playlist it should bring even more live and atmosphere and make a full multimedia show.   

One main reason was also that even after many upgrades the photo player on Facebook was never the solution for a Photographer with high quality photos.

These is a test embed on the blog if you whant to see it how it perform in facebook like or share it to your personal wall or Page it would even play on groups if you copy past the link .

Every Photo will link back to the creator source of the image even when played inside a Facebook wall.  Full Real Time Google Analytics supported inside FB.


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Photos Joe Haider
Facebook Page 

Or a Wilder version

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Embed Google Plus Photo Stream   Photos by Karen Hutton
The look and feel of the  Metaplayer should fit the new Timeline Design and can be marked as  Highlight to play in full wide mode, to stop or start the music simple click the play button.  Some Slide in Facebook Share and tweet Buttons for the engaged Fans and keep the Photo free from any distraction. Buttons are sized for full page or wide mode play.

Optional in preparation as FanTab for a permanent Tab. Optional Gallery Tab for future competitions or multi artist board to show more than just one Set of pictures .

All Photos root to the original Post  source on the Google Plus profile by click on the picture. Musician and Bands have the Artist credit  beside the play button


Metrics Real Time 

Same as the Web based Metaplayer it use google Analitics real time  tracker to see instant how many people are interacting with your content no need to wait till the Facebook metric get published for your post as they need mostly  some days. As backup and front end stats the  App use a  Piwik tracker too. Piwik have now also a mobile App to track page and the performance from your mobile. Every picture fire a event to get a good overview witch photos are viewed right now and where the attention get lost.

Facebook App in plan


The Music is now powerd by Artist and playlists from  Jemendo The easy playlist handling from jamendo makes it easy to edit and adopt various Sounds for the Album presentation. No need for upload or host  music or   any editing in the backend. Probably one next step could be to  integrate SoundCloud as supporting Audio  source for the music.


One backend option for upload via drag drop by communities as special feature that allow to run competitions on photos new photos by community members.

Would love to find some gorgeous Photographer to run a beta test. These is a Free App in Betamode.

Credits Thanks to Yvonne S for the first nice curated photographer selection.

Photos played from Photographer Karen Hutton  . The wild gorgeous music is from the punk rock Band Shearer  .

Thanks for reading

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