Flickr music player for Facebook

First post for the Flickr to Facebook player . Finally it sort the images by user voting and comments.  Finally its the same Metaplayer like the Googel Plus one except that it gets his feed from Flickr. Below is a link how it plays and show up on the Facebook timeline.  Since Music gives a deeper emotional touch to photos it was an intention to build it.

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Auto play disturbs a bit on the blog but is needed for the  Facebook version to prevent more clicks. If there is any interest in that kind of mulimedia play next would be to look for some simple configuration . At the moment everything is hard coded.

Tech Details can be found on the  G+  Metaplayer . Since not everyboddy is using G+ these is a nice litle alternative to stream community photo events inside FB wihtout the need for extra hosting or install.  

some test post  Facebook  only a prototype to stay updated you can connect wtih the fanpage on the right side slider.

Size : 

Musik by : Tryad jamendo powerd CC