How to import your WordPress Blog Rss Feed into Facebook

Page owner have a option to import Rss Feeds into Notecards it make sense to admin the content of your page with your Blog.

How to  Setup:  go to Notecard Tab on the left row at the buttom is Edit Import Settings  Link click there and enter your Blog RSS . As many WordPress user have problem with that her the Rss url Facebook needs to update your Page. The RSS ulr overd in the front end of your Blog will not work for the import as its a Permalink RSS url use following structure . Facebook Feed will accept Rss2 and Atom feeds. (RSS 2.0 format)

  • (RSS 0.92 format)
  • (RDF/RSS 1.0 format)
  • (Atom format)
  • Alternatively you can use a free RSS App with Adverts or a custom RSS Feed RSS FEED ME Tab for your Business Page .
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