How to make a viral Facebook landing Page

Many sites use it and it double your likes on your page as the visitor have to like the page before he can see the content. 
How to setup :

  1. Add a FBML App to your Page and give it a name
  2. insert these Code
  3. Upload the 2 pictures to your server and insert the path in the code
  4. Now go to Edit your Wall settings and change the default landing Page to the new FBML Tab you created

FBML code : Hide for non Fans

<fb:fbml version="1.1">
<div align="center"><img src=""></div>
<fb:else><div style="margin-top:-79px;" align="center"><img src=""></div>

To test the Code you can not be the Admin as for the Admin it will all-time show all content .

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