How to compare shared Twitter Follower

Sometimes you would like to know which of your follower you share with someone a very simple but effective tool for that is

Tweepdiff its incredible fast and have several view option by list Photos or with full details. The Photo view show by clicking the complete Twitter info of the Person . Thes gets a 4 Star operating for active Twitter waters.

Additional you should take a look at

Followfriday they visualise very nice how recommends you with a follow friday these #FF are much more important than any follower count as they are personal recommendations what counts unreal and virtual world most. Don’t miss the classic Top Twitter User list Ranking by Follower

Twitaholic it give a nice over view over the top in your country .One more

Tweetvolum to compare user or tags on twitter

Twittercounter One of the old stable services now premium ,find interesting Lists to follow and Top Tweets by country

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